Canada cooperates to develop vaccines with China like "dancing with wolves"

Canada cooperates to develop vaccines with China like “dancing with wolves”

On January 26, the National Research Council of Canada submitted a report to Congress. The report said that in May of last year, Canada and China signed an agreement to develop a vaccine against Wuhan pneumonia virus, but after a week, Beijing authorities unilaterally “Tear the contract”preventing the export of vaccine samples to Canada. In this regard, the Conservative Party of Canada and experts criticize that the Justin Trudeau administration has chosen to cooperate with the CCP as much “Dance with wolves“, What a dumb move.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Image: Justin Trudeau – Wikimedia)

According to a report submitted by the National Research Council of Canada, on May 12 last year, the Canadian Federal Ministry of Health approved the vaccine cooperation with Chinese company CanSino Biologics. However, a week after the two sides signed the agreement, that is, on May 19, Beijing airport customs detained the samples of vaccines expected to be sent to Canada. On the same day, the Government of Canada also announced that the two sides had “arising a change in cooperation ” but did not explain the specific reason. It was not until the end of August that they admitted that their cooperation with Beijing had failed.

Regarding the incident, the leader of the Canadian Conservative Party Erin O’Toole, who has always opposed this cooperation agreement, directly criticized that the Trudeau government had placed the welfare of the people in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP ), a mode is fundamentally unreliable.

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Mr. O’Toole said that the Beijing government just wants to make money, its action to ban the export of vaccine samples to Canada has affected the research and development of pneumonia vaccines. Wuhan in Canada. He says experts are questioning why the Canadian government can put the health and economy of its people in the hands of a regime that will affect our national security?

One of the Canadian representatives of the Global Taiwan Medical and Health Association and a professor of nursing at Langara College in Canada, Ms. Qiu Lilian (Qiu Lilian) pointed out that in fact, the relationship between Canada and China has come to a standstill since the incident involving Ms. Meng Wanzhou. But how could the Trudeau administration be foolish enough to “dance with wolves,” naively thinking that vaccine cooperation is just a pure business? In addition, CanSino has a very close relationship with the Chinese military, how could the Beijing government not take this opportunity to retaliate against Canada?

Ms. Khau Le Lien also criticized Mr. Trudeau for doing wrong, but did not dare to admit and compensate early, thus harming the interests of all Canadians. She also pointed out that the CCP has infiltrated every corner of the country. Look at the Canadian federal medical staff, everything has to wait for China to make a decision, already putting Canada’s fate in the hands of the CCP.

The Canadian opposition party and some experts also said that the Canadian government spent a large amount of research manpower and financial capital in the early stages on the Cansino vaccine, and as a result Beijing unilaterally torn the contract. . This action has greatly influenced the timing and administration of vaccine research in Canada. They say, Canadian citizens have the right to know how much the country has suffered, what benefits were guaranteed in the original contract between the two parties? When the Beijing government unilaterally banned vaccine exports, did they ask Canada to release Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou? However, in the face of these major national health and national security issues, Canadian officials have yet to give a clear answer.

On January 26, Toronto-based biotech company Providence Therapeutics announced that a vaccine against the Chinese virus (also known as the Wuhan pneumonia virus, the new corona virus, COVID-19) their development went into clinical trials on humans. The company purchased a site in Calgary as a site for the future mass production of vaccines.

Vuong Quan, Vision Times

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