Can creative industries change the end of the world? From the perspective of Extinction Rebellion: "What are we serving?" 5 minutes to read
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Can creative industries change the end of the world? From the perspective of Extinction Rebellion: “What are we serving?” 5 minutes to read

If you find yourself stuck in a boring design job, or listening to ridiculous customer feedback just because of the phrase “commercial success”, then Extinction Rebellion There might be a solution for you: Be the rebels.

In May, I sat down with the three founders of the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion at Birmingham City University: Clare Farrell, Clive Russell and Miles Glyn As part of the movement from the early days, five bridges were trapped across the River Thames last November, one of the largest fighting activities in the UK recently. They named the movement and designed a strong identity, so now the global movement to fight against climate change has a symbol. And since they started launching Declaration of Rebellion Against the British government in October 2018, the community of non-violent social activists continuously opposed, marched and accumulated over 1,000 arrest warrants to show that humanity is in “Sixth extinction” and must act now.

A few hours before the interview, the founders continued to fill the auditorium with people Birmingham Design Festival terrified at painful but very honest facts about climate change. Then back to the interview, Clive, the designer behind the signature text of Extinction Rebellion, Continue to expand on this issue. He said that as a creative community, “We have lost our social connection with the design, and that is very sad.” When thinking about Bauhaus, One can think of basic geometric shapes and concrete buildings. When thinking about William Morris, we remember decorative wallpaper and floral motifs. But ignoring the visual part, Clive believe “No one talks about the social impact of these designers.” and challenging emerging designers today, he asked the crowd: “Who will replace them?”

Posters Paris ’68, poster Barack Obama “Hope” of the Shepard Fairey, Russian structuralism; There are many examples of social activities in our industry. So when he faced the auditorium full of design students, Clive frankly discussing their future: “Some of you are thinking about a career in design. But what will that really look like? ” Oh, according to Extinction Rebellion, maybe it’s not what we imagined, because 97% of life on Earth will be wiped out during the impending sixth extinction.

During our brief but effective operation, Extinction Rebellion has spawned a series of international movements throughout every continent except Antarctica. With an impressive typeface (typeface), based on the Futura typeface on solid wood but with a more engraved feel, designed by Clive, Extremely consistent with the arrival of movement across the globe. The identifier is now available in Chinese, Arabic, Czech, and Hindi, as well as many other languages, and all designs have been created for resizing and converting.

By working towards cultural interest, towards an economy based on what we really need instead of endless desires, the whole group takes the view that the creative array could actually create another. and help people avoid the impending doomsday.

This is not simply avoiding plastic and reducing meat consumption; There are many things that can be done that make us wonder: “What do I really exist for?” While the church is open to welcome people wandering in and out, why don’t power places like the Tate Institute not open their doors? “You can put 400 or 500 people in a turbine building instead of simply a bullshit art exhibition,” Clive said, with a dry smile. “Or you can still exhibit but allow people to sleep on the floor to help them stay warm at night.”

By making such big statements, along with the positive actions, Extinction Rebellion has made its mark in the world, appeared on many newspapers and has a strong following. “A lot of horrible things can happen if people refuse to accept that the situation is very bad.”, Clare to speak.

Author: Jiny Ong
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