Can a collarbone fracture weight training?

A toned physique, a healthy body is something that everyone probably wants but not everyone can do it. Many people are passionate and come to the gym with hard exercises like weight training. However, once a broken collarbone, it was very disturbing collarbone fracture can weights?

Injury is quite common nowadays, with friends who practice sports. So, the following article will give you some information about this situation.

How does a fracture cause a fracture?

The collarbone, also known as the blue collarbone, is the support for the shoulders and the knuckles and is anchored by both sides of the ligament. The collarbone is the part of the body that is located below the neck, so it is difficult to manipulate it. However, once the collarbone is broken, the treatment time will be quite long and cause many difficulties for patients.

Clavicle (collarbone)

Because the collarbone is an important part of body balance and supports many human activities, when it is damaged, the patient will need to be cared for carefully. On average, bone healing takes 5-7 weeks but the collarbone to fully recover can take 2-4 years. Therefore, the process of care and recovery of the body is extremely important, even a small mistake can cause damage to your bones.

Collarbone fractures should not be weight training

According to the advice of doctors and experts, when the patient has a fracture of the collarbone, it is absolutely not possible to work out very hard, especially holding things that put pressure on the body. Therefore, a broken collarbone will not be dumbbells will cause excessive strength of the hand muscles, leading to complications for the clavicle healing process.

By weight training, you will mostly use arm strength, which will directly impact the collarbone. The force when lifting weights creates the weight of the body in order to squeeze the muscles, so a large force is needed to push the weight. This weight is only really good for you during the gym without any evidence. As for the fracture of the collarbone should only lift weights after the bone has completely recovered and no effect.

In order for the collarbone to recover, it is not a short process, it requires patients to strictly follow the therapy. Limit movement too strong with the broken arm, should only move the hand more than 70 degrees to the side to avoid deflecting or concussing the adjacent collarbone. Follow the instructions for wearing a shoulder brace to fix your collarbone until the bone is healed.


Do not lift weights when the collarbone injury

Note when exercising for people with broken collarbone

For those who have suffered a collarbone fracture, the body in the process of recovery needs to move gently for the bone to completely heal, some hand stretching exercises should also be reduced.

Having a reasonable diet and rest to quickly regain health

Absolutely no exercise, intense sports play.

After the bone has healed, you can start over with the warm-up exercises to check the joints before gradually increasing the level of normal exercise.

Exercise is good, but we need to listen to our health. Avoid the occurrence of accidents during training that will eventually give up your passion. Hope to share on the topic: collarbone fracture can weights? helped you to have an effective workout schedule next time.

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