Camara case the fraternity of police officers furious against Plante

Camara case the fraternity of police officers furious against Plante

The president of the Montreal Police Fraternity strongly denounces the “political interference” shown by Mayor Valérie Plante in the Mamadi Fara Camara affair and invites her to behave in a “more responsible” way.

In a punchy letter sent to the mayoress during lunchtime on Friday and obtained by the QMI Agency, Yves Francoeur is not giving a hand in regards to Ms. Plante.

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Mr. Francoeur thus reacted to the public exit of the mayoress who proclaimed loud and clear Thursday that “Mamadi Fara Camara is an innocent man” and that the color of his skin “could” have harmed him in this unfortunate affair.

“It was astounding to hear you, in full press briefing, presume the conclusions of a complex, delicate, and above all, still intensely active police investigation,” wrote Yves Francoeur.

“It was surreal to hear you call for a neutral investigation while stating your own conclusions,” he added.

In his letter, Mr. Francoeur also criticizes Valérie Plante for having raised the possibility that racial profiling may have taken place in this investigation.

“Your mention of racial profiling in this file represents an extremely deplorable allusion (…), wrote the president of the Fraternity. In doing so, you add fuel to the fire, damage the social climate and further complicate the task of those who are responsible for ensuring the safety of Montrealers. ”


“We hope that you will henceforth be able to behave in a more responsible manner while avoiding that your ideological biases interfere with your necessary duty of reserve”, concluded Yves Francoeur.

In a press briefing held after that of Valérie Plante, the director general of the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM), Sylvain Caron, for his part categorically refused to associate the case of Mamadi Fara Camara with a case of racial profiling. He added that he would apologize at the “appropriate” time to Mr. Camara.

The mayor reacts

A few hours after the publication of the fraternity’s press release, the mayor’s office recalled that the latter requested a neurter investigation to understand what happened in this whole story.

“It is important to remember that we all have a collective responsibility to ensure the confidence of the people of Montreal in our police force,” we explain.


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