Camara case A single stain in the file of the attacked police officer

Camara case A single stain in the file of the attacked police officer

An experienced policeman, respected by his colleagues, Sanjay Vig has only one stain on his record. This is a two-day suspension without pay due to a botched arrest, made near where he was assaulted last week.

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The case dates back to 2012, when the SPVM agent intercepted a car with an Alberta license plate for a minor offense in the roundabout on Boulevard de l’Acadie which passes over Highway 40.

This has been his usual patrolling area for several years.

On January 28, policeman Vig was therefore about a hundred meters east of this roundabout, on Boulevard Crémazie, when he was assaulted from behind.

In 2012, agent Vig intercepted a motorist coming from outside Quebec.

He could therefore ask him to pay the fine on the spot. This is what he did, but he omitted an important step, according to the report of the Police Ethics Committee, that of giving him his report first.

Good reputation

The stop had started badly because the driver was furious. He taunted the officer by telling him that he had no intention of paying his ticket when he returned to Alberta. The tone rose. The officer decided to arrest him and the man was pinned to the ground, handcuffed and taken to the station.

But since he had failed to deliver a statement, the arrest was inappropriate.

The Police Ethics Committee ruled that the police officer had acted badly and had shown “serious misconduct”. In a 2018 decision, he was imposed two days of suspension without pay.

A solid fellow, police officer Vig has twenty years of experience with the SPVM, much of which as a traffic patroller.

According to our information, he has a good reputation with his colleagues. He is considered a conscientious and upright agent.

– With Maxime Deland, QMI Agency


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