CAM: Check the temperature on your computer
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CAM: Check the temperature on your computer

CAM is a free tracking software for Windows-based PCs created by NZXT for PC lovers and gamers. In recent years, requirements have increased, so users need multiple applications to monitor the temperatures of their core PCs to overheat their graphics cards and display FPS in the running games to see their graphics card performance.

CAM has now integrated all of these features into one easy-to-use utility for both beginners and advanced users. This allows you to have FPS tracking for all your favorite games, and accurately raise your GPU to push the FPS to maximum. You can still access a wealth of information, including detailed graphs and detailed statistics
and receive immediate warnings when items are not working properly.

You can also view basic game temperatures and performance metrics, monitor CPU and GPU temperature at any time, check your PC's data history to detect abnormal activities, and
see the FPS stats for your latest games.

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