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Call with your computer

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Applications and software that offer integration between cell phones and computers are increasingly common and some of them are even capable of making calls directly from the PC. See in this tip some options for doing this.

  • How to make calls from a Windows PC

  • How to make calls from a Mac

  • Make Skype calls

How to make calls from a Windows PC

Users with computers running the Windows system can use the Your Phone software, which is installed by default in Windows 10. However, if you cannot find it, click here to install the program. You must also install the app on your phone to perform the integration by clicking here.

Now, start by opening the program on your computer. Initially, you will be asked for the operating system of your cell phone. Your Phone is compatible with Android devices and iPhones:

Then, open the application on the phone and scan the QR code that will appear on the computer screen. In a few seconds, the integration will be carried out. Grant the necessary access authorizations and you will have access to your computer with the photo gallery, notifications and SMS messages, in addition to calls.

To make a call, click Calls in the left column of the software on the PC and, from now on, operation is as simple as on a phone. Just enter the number to be called and wait for the contact to answer. It is worth mentioning that this feature only works on computers with Bluetooth technology to pair the devices.

How to make calls from a Mac

Making calls from a Mac (or iPad) does not require the installation of any additional applications, using native software only Apple devices. First, there are a few requirements to meet. They are computer and iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network and logged into the same accounts on iCloud and FaceTime.

With these requirements met, access the Settings iPhone and go to telephone > Other Devices. In this section, enable the option Allow Connections. Next, open FaceTime on your Mac and access Preferences > Settings > IPhone calls.

Now that the authorizations have been granted and the two devices are connected to the same Apple ID, access a program such as Calendar or Safari and place your cursor over the phone number that will be called. Click the arrow next to the number and select Call using iPhone. The call is placed automatically.

Make Skype calls

Skype, Windows native video conferencing software that can also be installed on Apple computers, allows you to make calls to phones directly from a computer. This function, however, is not associated with your cell phone and is paid for, buy Skype credits to make calls.

This may be a good option for international calls, as spending on program credits will be less than the fees charged by telephone operators for making calls between countries.

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