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“Call of Duty 16” Battle Royale Is Coming COD6 Remake Released This Year!

Accompanied by “Call of duty 16: modern warfare(Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) “The second season of the update, the Battle Royale mode has also been leaked along with it, it is certain that Activision will launch an independent mode in March, named” Warzone “. According to the well-known leaker @ Okami13, the “Warzone” mode will be officially released on March 10. This is not over yet. He also broke the news that this year’s “Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2” will also launch a remastered version. Let us come together Let’s see!

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Compared with the launch of the “Warzone” mode, I believe that the six generations of the remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be more excited. It has been 3 years since the launch of the remake of “COD4: Modern Warfare”, combined with the latest The content of the first generation believes that the remake of the sixth generation is very likely, but we still have to take the official news as the standard!

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AmiOkami13 had previously leaked the news accurately before the official release of the 2v2 mode of “COD Modern Warfare”. This time, his breaking news was the same as the date that VGC obtained from the source before, which is more authentic.

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He also pointed out some details of the “Warzone” mode. First of all, the official official promotional video has been edited and will be released on Thursday or Monday; “Battlefield” mode will enable an independent client to play for free for all players; currently only supports team confrontation, there is no single-row chicken mode.

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