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‘Call Center of Love’ Lim Young-woong x Gal So-won → Jeong Dong-won x Goo Hye-seon, a special duet of luxury actor 6 and trotmen


[스포츠월드=양광모 온라인 뉴스 기자] TOP6 Six luxury actors such as Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae, Kim Eung-soo, Min Woo-hyuk, Kang Eun-tak, Goo Hye-sun, Park Jin-ju, and Gal So-won boasted a fantastic breath of Tikitaka and made their home theater soaked up with trot.

TV Chosun broadcasted on the 19th,’I will sing an application song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’), TOP6 and 6 luxury actors such as Kim Eung-su, Min Woo-hyuk, Kang Eun-tak, Koo Hye-seon, Park Jin-ju, Gal So-won, etc. It was decorated as a special feature of’With the God of Acting’, which formed a team and performed various duet stages.

Above all, TOP6 on this day caught the eye from the disassembly appearance of employees of the overseas sales team within’Sergeant Sakol’ with the appearance of wearing a neat and white suit.

When Jung Dong-won, the general manager of the financial management team, cried out to Gal So-won, who was the head of the financial management team, “Do you know what a long-term pride is?” Gal So-won did not lose and gave a declaration of war, saying, “I will win without an error.” At this time, Deputy General Manager Park Jin-ju of the financial management team appeared and burst into a cool high-pitched tone with’Maria’. After killing the flag with’Ecstatic Confession’ accompanied by Kang Eun-tak’s nunchaku dance, Assistant Manager Min Woo-hyuk of the financial management team said, “I’ll show you what a long-term pride is,” Hye-sun Goo sang’Fly Again’ and announced a tough confrontation. .

Each of the TOP6 and the 6th luxury actor formed a team in a group and made a commitment. This is a method of determining the final 1st team by summing the points earned through three stages, one song and one duet song, respectively.

Hee-jae Kim and Jin-ju Park of the’Talent’ team, who started as the first team in the first round, received 94 points by showing off their rhythmic singing skills with’Where are you’. The’Sleek Chanto’ team of Lee Chan-won and Kang Eun-tak scored 98 points with Kang Eun-tak’s’Fairy and Woodcutter’ full of charming husky voices.

Following this, the team of’fantasy partner’ with Lim Young-woong and Gal So-won made the first 100 points congratulations with Gal So-won’s’Eternal Friend’ as a clean and refreshing stage. ‘Mr. Min’ boasting perfect visuals,’Mr. Min’ Jang Min-ho and Min Woo-hyuk settled in the top ranks with 95 points for’Life’, and’Beauty Mobilization’, which was made up of TOP6 Ulzzang Jung Dong-won and the original Ulzzang Goo Hye-sun, The situation where he received 96 points by exploding the essence of the emotional trot with’Songi’. And Yeong-tak and Kim Eung-soo, who had previously been connected with the drama’Kondae Latte’, once again united as a’Eung-tak’ team and held the second set of Korean beef with Young-tak’s’Seoul This Place’.

In the second round duet, the first runner’Fantasy Mate’ team boasted a celestial harmony as’the person who gives me happiness’ and scored a high score of 97 points. The’Nung Tak’ team surprised everyone by harmonizing Takseong full of masculinity with’Wind Wind Wind’ and scored 100 points in a row. ‘Sleek Chanto’ team gave a fresh charm with’I feel only you’ and scored 97 points, and the’Beauty Mobilization’ team scored 99 points for’Night When You Can’t Sleep, and It’s Raining’, and it became the top spot. The’Talent’ team scored 100 points for’You meet by chance’ with the overflowing talent and excitement of the two, and’Mr. Min’ blew up the scene with’Ohmae’, who vomited desperate emotions and received 99 points.

The long-awaited round 3 solo exhibition. The site where Kim Eung-soo of the’Nung-Tak’ team delivered a powerful stage with’Young-young’ to pour out hot cheers. Lim Young-woong was also a trot hero with’Female, Female, Woman’, and Goo Hye-sun recorded the first 100 points in the 3rd round as’Hopeful Matters’, making everyone nervous.

Lee Chan-won, who mobilized for the last minute overturning, got 98 points for’whether hate or longing’ and went on a fierce pursuit. Following that, Park Jin-ju raised the atmosphere by exploding a treble through the ceiling with’Beautiful Strong Mountain’, and Min Woo-hyuk scored 100 points with’Vinari’, decorating a splendid finish. As a result of the final ranking, which added the scores of three rounds, including two solo exhibitions and duet stages, the’Nung Tak’ team with Young Tak and Kim Eung Soo took the final place, the two hugged each other and smiled brightly. It brought out everyone’s happy smiles.

Meanwhile,’Love Call Center’ is broadcast every Friday at 10 pm.

Photo =’Love Call Center’ broadcast capture


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