'Call Center of Love' Lim Young-woong, tears at the applicant's story → Consolation...木 Entertainment No. 1 Firm

‘Call Center of Love’ Lim Young-woong, tears at the applicant’s story → Consolation…木 Entertainment No. 1 Firm

Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won-Jung Dong-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae
The nation’s heart melts
‘Laugh + Impression’ Mini Hyo Concert
Up to 15.2% per minute
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Photo = TV Chosun’Love Call Center’ broadcast capture

‘Love Call Center’ TOP6 Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won-Jung Dong-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae presented an impressive stage to the’Untact Parents’ gathered from all over the country.

TV CHOSUN broadcast on the 13th’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) for the 55th episode, Nielsen Korea’s national ratings 12.7% and the highest rating per Bundang soared to 15.2%, making it an absolute powerhouse in Thursday entertainment. Mercury firmly held the place of. On this day’s broadcast, TOP6 opened the’Mini Hyo Concert’ to celebrate the Family Month special, and the studio was moist with a thrilling stage that conveys laughter, emotions, and consolation.

TOP6, which appeared on the stage of’Let’s filial piety’, expressed his gratitude by raising a big bow to Untact audiences gathered from all over the country. Following the story of the Untact audience, the’Love Hyo Center’ was unfolded, where TOP6 presents songs. After taking the first step, Minho Jang shared a nice greeting with the applicant’s family, decorated with his own goods. Jang Min-ho gave a soft tone for the applicant’s family, who is a long-time fan, and gave everyone admiration by popping 100 points from the first song. Next, Kim Hee-jae, who met a prospective couple fan who is about to get married in May, presented a surprise event in which he read a letter from the father of the prospective groom. It pulled out the cheers of the couple.

Photo = TV Chosun’Love Call Center’ broadcast capture

Jeong Dong-won, who shared greetings with the new bridegroom applicant who married in April, held a surprise event for the mother with the applicant. Surprised by Jung Dong-won’s surprise appearance, her mother screamed and rejoiced. Jeong Dong-won presented the requested song’Uji Mara’ with a light and deep sensibility, and finished the event in a nice way. The protagonist of the next story was Lim Young-woong’s fan, a steamed bread maker who has earned a 50-year store experience. The applicant sent the steamed bread to the studio with the desire to feed him the steamed bread, and after having tasted it, Youngwoong Lim said, “As soon as you put it in your mouth, it is full of scent.” The applicant first conveyed the story that he had a hard life and missed his wife who left for heaven, and that Lim Young-woong’s’story of an old couple in their 60s’ was a great comfort. Young-woong Lim, who showed tears, presented the applicant with’you’ and touched the scene with emotion.

On behalf of her mother, who had suffered from brain hemorrhage, Young-tak presented the applicant and the mother of the protagonist with a “You Are a Rose” stage with a big rose and a smart guitar chosen by lottery. Once again, Jung Dong-won, who started connecting the LAN line, faced an applicant who had difficulty learning Korean because of a rare intractable brain disease, and thanks to Jeong Dong-won, the applicant’s mother said that he was learning Korean, and a wave of cheer continued in the studio. Jeong Dong-won received’Love is the Seed of Tears’ as an application song, and caused a thrill with a stage full of sincerity. Next, Lee Chan-won, who heard the story of the applicant who wants to find a father who broke up as a separated family, pulled out the applicant’s father’s picket, which he made himself, and performed the stage of’Parting at the Airport’, making a gloomy sound. Finally, Lim Young-woong met a Daegu applicant who had left her husband first and raised children alone for 37 years, and thanks to the applicant, who had endured a difficult time, he gave a stage of consolation, singing’traitor’ with storm vocal power. In the TOP6’Surprising Mini Hyo Concert’ for the LANSeon audience, Lee Chan-won’s’I like my hometown’, Young Tak’s’The Threshold of Twilight’, Jang Min-ho’s’Mituri’, Lim Young-woong’s’Happy Birthday 30 Years’, Kim Hee-jae’s’ A stage full of sensibility was drawn up to’a woman’s life’.

Photo = TV Chosun’Love Call Center’ broadcast capture

A stage full of excitement by special guests who visited the’Call Center of Love’ to celebrate the filial piety was also unfolded. ‘Mistrot 2’Jin Yang Ji-eun gave off a fresh and youthful charm on the stage of’Nillily Mambo’, and after Tae Jin-ah showed a surprise appearance, the two created a’samo song’ duet with desperate emotions. When Tae Jin-ah made a filial piety saying, “I hope TOP6 will pick it up once,” the eldest brother Jang Min-ho came out and went around the studio with Tae Jin-ah, causing a happy smile. Tae Jin-ah raised the enthusiasm of the scene by delivering a hopeful message on the stage of’I will live well’. In addition, Shin In-sun, who went on the stage with his father Shin Ki-nam, set up a stage of “I met again,” which added a cute rhythm, and then sang “I’m fresh” in front of my father, and sent a big bow to inspire emotion. NU’EST Ren, who appeared last, made everyone excited by showing the stage of’Companion’ and the stage of the new song’INSIDE OUT’.

Viewers who watched the broadcast said, “TOP6 is already a filial piety in itself! I am very impressed today!”, “When Hero cried, I also shed tears. I can feel my sincerity to the bedroom. I watched the stage well!” “I didn’t know how time passed while laughing and crying! How could our TOP6 be so pretty!”, “Thanks to the story applicants, I also received a great comfort. Thank you TOP6!”, “I envy the Untact audience the most today! You must apply for!” And explosive reactions.

‘Call Center of Love’ is broadcast every Thursday at 10 pm.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Tenasia bella@tenasia.co.kr

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