'Call Center of Love' Lee Chan-won, Kang Eun-tak "The first time to sing in the mind" → Transferred to the'Mind Strategy'

‘Call Center of Love’ Lee Chan-won, Kang Eun-tak “The first time to sing in the mind” → Transferred to the’Mind Strategy’

[OSEN=최정은 기자] In’Call Center of Love’, actor Kang Eun-tak showed his hidden dance skills and singing skills, attracting viewers’ attention.

On the afternoon of the 19th TV CHOSUN’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’), TOP6 (Young Woong Lim, Young Tak, Lee Chan Won, Dong Won Jung, Min Ho Jang, Hee Jae Kim) was Eung Soo Kim, Woo Hyeok Min, Eun Tak Kang, Hye Sun Gu , Park Jin-ju, and Gal So-won were in a song confrontation, and Kang Eun-tak’s singing skills were a hot topic.

On this day, Kang Eun-tak, who appeared in the KBS drama’The Secret Man’, introduced himself as a dancer. Earlier, he showed his nunchaku skills in Min Woo-hyuk’s song, and showed his dancing skills that were hidden in his introduction. As Kang Eun-tak’s dance skills heated up the studio with heat, Kim Eung-su made everyone laugh by saying, “I thought there was an octopus on the firepan.”

Kang Eun-tak said, “It’s my first time singing a song in my mind,” and “I’ll try to sell it first, so I’ll try first.” Lee Chan-won said, “I think my brother will be able to attack the mothers well.” However, 98 points as a result of singing’The Fairy and the Woodcutter’. Unlike his shy first appearance, he surprised everyone with a high score. Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong tinkeredly imitated Kang Eun-tak’s nunchakus behind the scenes and made everyone laugh. Lee Chan-won, a partner, was proud, saying, “The attack worked.”

When Kang Eun-tak said, “The refrigerator door is broken,” Lee Chan-won said, “Even for Eun-Tak’s brother, I must do my best.”


[사진] TV CHOSUN’Call Center of Love’ broadcast screen

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