'Call Center of Love' Jung Dong-ha and Lim Young-woong and special relationship "Meet me at a university lecture"

‘Call Center of Love’ Jung Dong-ha and Lim Young-woong and special relationship “Meet me at a university lecture”

[스포츠서울 김선우기자]Singer Jeong Dong-ha focused the attention of viewers through an inevitable confrontation with Lim Young-woong, who had a special relationship with’priests’.

In TV Chosun’s’Call Center of Love’, which aired on the 15th, Jung Dong-ha appeared as’Flower Boy 6’with Kim Jun-soo, Lee Jang-woo, Min Woo-hyuk, Tei, and Lee Hyun. On this day, which was decorated with a boy over flowers special feature, he appeared while singing’Thinking Me’ of resurrection, which is affective, and caught the attention of all the cast members.

From his appearance, he faced a confrontation with Jung Dong-ha, who caught the eye with his husky voice and powerful vocal skills. When Lim Young-woong was called as a rival, Jeong Dong-ha, who came to the stage, bowed his head at 90 degrees and greeted politely. Accordingly, other performers showed interest in the unique relationship between Jeong Dong-ha and Lim Young-woong.

Jeong Dong-ha said, “I had a university lecture, but I had time with Mr. Hero,” and said, “I personally think it is an honor.” The boom helped raise tensions in the confrontation between the two by saying, “It became a confrontation between the priests.”

Jeong Dong-ha, who selected Yada’s’Already Sad Love’, raised two keys from the original song, and heralded a unique stage from the beginning. Jeong Dong-ha, who aroused the admiration of the performers with his explosive treble and solid vocal skills, scored 99 points on an impeccable stage until the end, and unpredictable victory.

Viewers are receiving a hot response from Jung Dong-ha’s performance, showing a variety of appearances, from the stage that gave’early strong’ with her husky voice and stable singing ability, to the stage where the anti-war charm stood out.

Recently, Jung Dong-ha released a new song’Remembrance remains in a breakup rather than meeting’, showing the essence of’Jung Dong-ha-pyo’s break-up ballad. This song is a song that contains the most honest feelings that can be felt after a breakup, and Jung Dong-ha’s refreshing high-pitched tone and meticulous expressiveness stand out.

Jeong Dong-ha is constantly communicating with fans through various broadcasting programs as well as YouTube activities, and is revealing a different charm with trendy contents.

Meanwhile, Jeong Dong-ha released a new song,’Remembers remain in separation rather than meetings’, and is actively engaged in activities.


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