'Call Center of Love' 12 songs including Lim Young-woong's 'expression of affection' released today (1st)

‘Call Center of Love’ 12 songs including Lim Young-woong’s ‘expression of affection’ released today (1st)

Call Center of Love (Photo=Showplay)

The stages of TV Chosun’s ‘I will sing a song request – Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter ‘Call Center of Love’), which are full of excitement and emotion, will be released as sound sources.

The songs released in episode 57 of ‘Call Center of Love’ will be released through various music sites at 12:00 noon on the 1st. Starting with Young-woong Lim’s ‘Expression of Affection’, Young-woong Lim’s ‘You Look Like a Woman’, Young-tak Young-tak’s ‘Temptation’, Chan-won Lee’s ‘Rokuger’, ‘To a Lady’, ‘Mr. ‘ is included.

Here, a total of 12 songs are recorded, including Jang Min-ho’s ‘Chilgap Mountain’, ‘The Road to a Man (Pomsaengpomsa)’, Kim Hee-jae’s ‘One Fine Day (Joo Hyunmi Ver.)’, ‘Dash’, and ‘I Love You’.

Top 6 (Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho and Kim Hee-jae) in ‘Call Center of Love’ broadcast on the 27th of last month had a fatal dance festival with the dancing queens (Kim Wan-seon, Chae-yeon, Stephanie, and Jo Jung-min).

Lim Young-woong selected Flower’s ‘expression of affection’ and showed a cool high note, and showed a perfect digest of not only trot but also rock genre. Lim Young-woong’s ‘expression of affection’, which recorded 200,000 views on YouTube with a vertical fancam video, was selected as the title song of the album to be released today and is expected to please the ears of fans.

Kim Hee-jae, who selected Baek Ji-young’s ‘Dash’, shook the stage with a flashy step as soon as the song started. The Dancing Queens also danced together on Kim Hee-jae’s stage, and everyone enjoyed the stage together.

Young-tak sang Lee Jae-young’s ‘Temptation’ with a perfect rhythm, making not only the cast but also the viewers shake their shoulders, while Jeong Dong-won performed an explosive stage with ‘Pai Paiya’, a national favorite trot song called ‘Pai Paiya’. TOP6 members added excitement by waving their hands to Jeong Dong-won’s song.

Also, in the ‘Starry Call Center’ corner on this day, a sad story was introduced that a friend had left for blood cancer, but could not visit often due to Corona 19. The applicant asked for Byun Jin-seop’s ‘To the Lady’, and Chan-won Lee sang the song with all his heart, touching the hearts of the viewers.

Jang Min-ho sang Joo Byeong-seon’s ‘Chilgapsan’ after hearing the story of celebrating the birthday of his grandfather, who raised him as a child. Jang Min-ho perfectly digested the song with a mellow voice and sent a one-of-a-kind birthday present beyond the main room.

The title song of the album ‘Call Center of Love PART56’ released on the 25th of last month and ‘If I Love Again (Kim Feel Ver.)’ sung by Young-woong Lim is still on the top of the adult charts on music sites. While the sound sources of ‘Call Center of Love’, ‘Mr. Trot’ and ‘Mulberry School’ are still enjoying popularity, interest is also gathering in ‘Call Center of Love PART57’, which contains songs of various genres.

Meanwhile, the album ‘Call Center of Love PART57’ will be released today (1st) at 12:00 noon.

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