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California is about to overtake New York in the number of deaths caused by the Wuhan virus


According to The Guardian articles, California’s growing number of deaths from the Wuhan virus (the corona virus that causes COVID-19) is likely to overtake New York, as the pandemic continues to rage across the cottage the most populous state of the United States.

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On Tuesday, California reported 44,494 deaths from the Wuhan virus, only a few hundred lower than New York with 44,969 cases reported that day. California’s first-ever viral outbreak deaths in China have spiked over the past few months, from about 20,000 deaths in December 2020 to around 30,000 in January 2021. It took six months for the state to record its first 10,000 deaths from the Wuhan virus, but at present, the state of Gold (California) on average has about 450 deaths a day from COVID-19.

California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote on Twitter Tuesday (February 9): “A month ago, we reported 53,000 cases. Today: 8,251 cases. A month ago, we reported a positive test rate of 14%. Today: 4.8%. Admission: 34% reduction in the past 2 weeks. Patients in need of special care: 26% reduction in the past 2 weeks. Hopeful signs continue.

Newsom announced on Wednesday that in Alameda and Santa Clara counties of the Bay Area, two cases of infection with the South African variant of the Wuhan virus had been confirmed.

According to 10 News in San Diego, Newsom said at a recent press conference: “Wuhan virus mutation is of primary concern not only in the state of California and across the country, but is increasing globally.

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