Cai River Distillery: 'Gin is almost like my grandparents' potion for 8 minutes to read

Cai River Distillery: ‘Gin is almost like my grandparents’ potion for 8 minutes to read

The Cai River is the first and only Gin line of Vietnam. The word “Song Cai” in the brand name means “Mother River” – a major river in the region, is the main source of water for agriculture and supports spiritual life for communities living along the river. Similarly, Cai River Distillery was born, representing the beauty and generosity of Vietnamese people with both product and image language of the brand.

On Tet occasion, let’s join iDesign talk with Cai River Distillery and especially learn about Tan Suu 2021 New Year gift box, with cultural features of Ta in a Western wine product!

Gin wines are internationally defined as spirits distilled using Juniper berries, and other herbs. So share with iDesign, Cai River Distillery said, the Gin wine line is the way to tell the story of the most authentic herbs to the user. Because through distillation, Gin distilled the most quintessential scents of herbal ingredients, which are still familiar flavors that have been with us for many years. And together, we recall these dear flavors, through completely new combinations.

The raw material of Gin Song Cai comes from the combination of traditional juniper fruit plus forest herbs hand-picked in the Northwest highlands and unique flowers of Vietnam. It is also a land where one can find lush and wild plants with just a single forest hike. The beauty of this process also comes from the fact that each small batch is distilled in a copper pot directly on the fire.

Logo of Cai River Distillery using the symbol of sickle and the jungle knife combined with the image of stylized leaf pairs to represent the mountain herbs and put all on the traditional “indigo” background characteristic of the ethnic people in the uplands.

The back label is seen through the bottle, inspired by the Hang Trong painting, expressing the typical character of the delta: rich, colorful, bringing nostalgic folk culture vitality in the context. modern. These two distinct nuances represent the richness and diversity of Vietnam.

From those visual languages, the combination of the Cai River Distillery with S-River for bottle label designs is a matter of course, because this is a design consultant with a reputation for enthusiasm and passion. Traditional folk painting art, the most typical example is the mission to digitize the motifs of Hang Trong folk paintings.

This year’s Tet gift box Cai River Distillery including motifs of Hang Trong folk paintings (shown on the lid of the gift box, the label of the wine bottle, the decoration on the pair of cups, the designs of the set of lucky red packets), the ethnic traditional Pink Cashew handmade do paper material on the lid of the gift box, the stirring stick made of Vietnamese bamboo, the pair of measuring cups made by hand from porcelain of Bat Trang Ceramics Village.

“Canh Nong Vi Ban” – the work containing the meaning of “Taking agriculture as the root” of the Hang Trong folk painting line has been re-enacted with specific details such as the image of a buffalo, a rice flower, a lotus flower – National flower of the nation, the pink ribbon of Article … They appear throughout the entire gift box and accompanying products.

Instead of the brand’s signature indigo blue and also instead of the usual bright red, traditional Cashew Pink is used to symbolize good fortune and fortune. In particular, this is the color made from ocher, which is not available in nature and is also one of the five main colors commonly used in the Hang Trong folk painting style.

The gift box lid is printed on Do paper – a traditional Vietnamese handmade paper made from Do tree. Paper making process So quite meticulous, the artist must be careful and meticulous from the moment of cutting the trunk, steaming, peeling, peeling dirt, crushing the bark to separate the fibers, then finally put into the press frame and sun-dried. . Do Paper is durable and tough, can even last for hundreds of years with inherent insect repellent properties. This paper plays an important role in paintings, books and folk traditional documents of the Vietnamese people, consistent with the visual language that Song Cai wants to express. The rough feeling when contacting the surface of Dó paper is also very familiar, like we are being exposed to this same species of Dó tree in particular and the plant nature in general.

In addition, bamboo is also used instead of modern materials such as stainless steel, stainless steel, plastic … to create a stirring rod in the gift box.

The jigger cup is handcrafted by artisans at Bat Trang Ceramics Village – a handicraft village with a history of more than 500 years, which has long been favored as gifts until diplomatic tribute in the royal court.

Ideas and visual design process for Tet 2021’s Gift Box Cai River Distillery and S-River is about 03 months. Including the starting point from researching, selecting and reproducing details of Hang Trong’s painting “Canh Nong Vi Ban”, then choose which elements of the gift box will show the design images. There, like a picture of a box, a bottle of wine, a pair of ceramic measuring cups, a set of lucky red packets … Finally, making a feasible plan, testing a sample product, and then correcting details or colors to complete. goodness.

Luckily, right from the very first ideas about Tet 2021 gift boxes, in terms of shape, size, opening mechanism of the box, material, image… were relatively consistent with the final product. Only the contents of the box are gradually improved over time, by selecting the texture, the layout of the items, the materials inside the box as well as the construction of the contents of the infusion. Accompanying information requires a detailed and careful research and testing process, which cannot be rushed but reduces quality and increases product risk. It can be said that the final product is about 90% similar to the original idea.

But there is also a lot of difficulty in that process, as most packaging companies are familiar with some common patterns and materials on the market. This is also understandable because the new, unique designs will require a longer time to learn and get used to the material, not to mention the risk of having to try samples many times to succeed or even fail. . The common feature of antique materials is that it is not completely suitable for conventional modern printing or machine construction, which is specially designed for industrial materials. Therefore, the number of suppliers of antique materials that can accept the special orders of Song Cai is not easy to find.

In which, the “toughest” material is probably Do paper. Because it is handmade paper, the surface is not smooth, smooth, and not easy to print, collage like today’s modern paper, but in return they still retain the classic, close, rustic features. very own color.

The second difficulty is Cashew Pink, because it takes a lot of time to study and test each color color, verify the actual print samples to choose the most accurate color with the traditional Pink Color of the ancestors. At the same time, it must be suitable for use on all materials of the gift box components (cover, do paper, art paper, ceramics …).

Fortunately, Song Cai found a very thoughtful partner S-River, is a very enthusiastic unit, has a very deep knowledge of the ancient motifs of Vietnam, so just Song Cai Distillery gives the problem that S-River can solve it immediately.

Interviewer: Nam Vu
Design: Tuyet Nhi
IDesign Editorial Board

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