Cabbage miso soup recipe / how to make

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Cooking time: 20 minutes or less

Add vegetables and fried tofu with different textures to the cabbage to make a simple miso soup.

It’s better to cook the cabbage carefully, so you can make it by putting all the ingredients in a pan before you cook it.The procedure of, is easy to do, and it is a recommended combination. Please try.

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How to make cabbage miso soup

Preparation of cabbage and vegetables

After washing the cabbage quickly, cut off the core and cut it to a suitable size (this time about 3 to 4 cm square).

Cut carrots into 3-4 cm long strips, fried tofu into thin strips, and enoki mushrooms by removing stones and cutting in half.

* For soup stock, use your favorite soup stock, whether it’s dried sardines, dried bonito, or just pour boiling water in a short time.

Cabbage miso soup recipe / finish

Put the soup stock in a pot andAdd all ingredients before putting on fire, Put on medium heat.

When the soup stock is boiling, reduce the heat a little.Slowly cook the cabbage and carrots for 3-4 minutes.

* If there are thick stalks of cabbage or thick carrots, they are the slowest to cook, so it is recommended to check the fire before melting the miso.

Melt the miso and warm it again until just before boiling. Let’s pour it into a bowl.* Please adjust with 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of miso as a guide while watching the taste.


  • Use plenty of cabbage, and if you combine ingredients with different textures and tastes other than cabbage, it will be more delicious (Cabbage becomes sweet when cooked, so the sweetness is also strong and soft onions and long Add something with a different taste and texture, not onions).
  • This time, I combined carrots, enoki mushrooms, and aburaage with cabbage, but I think that you can combine any of the standard ingredients of miso soup, such as fu, tofu, and fried seaweed.


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