Buying car wipers choose which type of effective, durable and cost-effective cleaning?

Buying car wipers choose which type of effective, durable and cost-effective cleaning?

Currently, more than 70% of Vietnamese automobile users are still “dreamer” about the use, maintenance, replacement as well as the choice of appropriate car wiper.

Limited vision – the “deadly” threat

Wiper, although only a small part, plays an extremely important role. However, like other parts, wiper after a period of use will often be aging, degraded, leading to rattles that emit noise, shake violently, remove impurities. serious vision. This is considered the leading cause of tragic accidents when it rains.

Using downhill wiper has high risk of accidentUsing downhill wiper has high risk of accident

In this regard, Mr. Nguyen V. Be (Taxi Driver – Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “I have witnessed a catastrophic accident, a car hit a elderly man who was riding a bicycle directly. Cross the road, right on Truong Chinh street. At that time, the rain was very heavy and it was dark, so the driver could not see clearly. However, later on when the police investigated, it was clear partly because the car was speeding, but another part was because the car wipers were too old and the wipers were not clean enough to limit visibility ”.

Mr. Cao V. Lam (Doctor – Ho Chi Minh City) said: “One time I almost got into an accident by using downgraded rain wiper. Because before that because the work was too busy, I could not see how much the drama was, but I still couldn’t change it. That night, he went on a business trip from Vung Tau to the rainy night, turned on the lever, it needed to be bent, shook violently, the brush was not clean. The whole glass of a translucent water screen, running but trembling. Luckily I brake in time, not a bad guy. ”

Wiper not clean water limits visibilityWiper not clean water limits visibility

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79% of Vietnamese automobile users do not change rain wipes as recommended

According to recommendations from many experts, auto technicians at large car manufacturers, wiper cars should be replaced periodically every 6 to 12 months. Because the weather is quite harsh, there is a lot of heat and rain. This makes wiping rain very quickly. Worn out or hardened tongue. Need to warp, no longer receive good force, can not stick to the steering glass, resulting in poor performance.

However, a recent survey figure shows that up to 79% of Vietnamese car users are indifferent to the recommendation to change rain wipes periodically. Many people wait until it is time to get rid of heavy rain, hardened or worn tongue blades to change. This is seen as a risk, “bet” your own life and other people in traffic.

79% of Vietnamese automobile users are indifferent to the recommendation to change the rain periodically79% of Vietnamese automobile users are indifferent to the recommendation to change the rain periodically

Because if you persistently use downgraded rain wipes, overdue replacement, you will not anticipate the sudden on a rainy day, wiped problems, wiped clean water. Then, you will not know what to do but bewildered and nervous eyes to observe. Meanwhile, before your eyes is just a dull water curtain. You will not be able to see clearly what is happening in front of the car, let alone tens of meters away. Estimates, the possibility of an accident increased 20 times.

The chance of an accident could be 20 times higherThe chance of an accident could be 20 times higher

When should replace rain wiper for cars?

Changing rain wipes periodically will help ensure visibility, increase visibility to an optimal way. Change the wiper after 6 to 12 months of use, or when it is detected with the following signs of degradation:

Wiper left a translucent layer of water on the glass

This is the most common fault that the driver can observe if the wiper has been downgraded. When turning on the wipers, water on the cabin was not cleaned but left behind swirling or horizontal streaks. This seriously affects the visibility of the driver, especially in the evening. Therefore, if this situation appears, the owner needs to quickly replace the rubber gasket or new stick. The cause of the clean-up error is usually due to the hardening, degrading, or dirty dirt that makes the tongue surface uneven and does not adhere to the windshield.

Wipers don't work well, leaving blurred water marks on the glassWipers don’t work well, leaving blurred water marks on the glass

Wipers make unpleasant noise

Noise is usually produced when the spring on the lever is broken and does not generate enough force to force the rubber pad against the glass. In addition, if the motor is weak, it will also produce very unpleasant noises if the rain gear is started. To overcome this error, the driver should quickly bring the car to the repair shop to clarify the cause of the noise, so that there is an accurate and quick solution.

Do not clean water within the operating range of the lever

Two rain wiper blades have been designed to ensure clean water in a certain range. If the windshield wiper does not push all the water in its area of ​​operation, the vehicle owner also needs to check the wiper. In this case, some errors may occur such as: a part of the rubber blade gasket is cracked, the gasket does not adhere to the glass surface, or the stick has a problem.

If the windshield wiper is not cleared up within the operating range, the vehicle owner should change it to avoid affecting vision when driving

If the windshield wiper is not cleared up within the operating range, the vehicle owner should change it to avoid affecting vision when driving

Wiper blades are hardened and aging

Depending on the frequency of use and how to protect the windshield, the lifespan of the blade can be long or short. However, if the blade is hardened or begins to show signs of cracking, chipping, the driver should also try to quickly replace the new rubber cushion to operate the cabin water when it rains. multi.

Rusted locking pins or levers

If you observe rusted locking bolts and rods, this is also a sign that the vehicle owners should proceed to replace the new wipers. These errors in the long run will affect the efficiency of the water cleaning operation or may even cause vehicle owners to pay more to replace the entire wiper system, instead of just replacing a bar. brush off or tongue as before.

If the locks are rusty, car owners should consider replacing rain gearIf the locks are rusty, car owners should consider replacing rain gear

What kind of automobile wiper should be purchased?

In the domestic market and in the world, there are many products of automobile wiper. Which can be classified into two main groups: Rubber rain washers and Silicone rain washers.

Wiping out rubber rain

Rubber rain wiper is a blade with a blade made of young rubber. This type of traditional rain wiper, used popularly from past to present.


  • Wipe off the water.
  • Low price, ranging from 180,000 to 400,000 VND.


  • Rubber blades are less durable, quick to dry, crack, harden, wear.
  • Must replace after a short time of use, expensive regular replacement costs. Usually after 6 months to replace once.

Wiping out rubber rainWiping out rubber rain

Silicone rain wiper

Silicone wipers are a relatively new type of wiper, only a few years old on the market. The difference of Silicone Raincoat compared to that traditional wiper uses Silicone material to make the blade.


  • Silicone blade is smoother than rubber, more contact area, prevents air, so the edge sweeps deeper.
  • Silicone blades are more durable and stronger than rubber blades, ensuring stable operation in the harshest weather.
  • Long service life from 1.5 to 2 times squeegee rubber, no need to replace often, maximum cost savings.


  • The price is higher than rubber rain wiper, ranging from 240,000 to 450,000 VND.

Silicone rain wiperSilicone rain wiper

If compared between the two types of rubber wipers and silicone wipers, we can see that the silicone wiper was born later, but it has many advantages compared to rubber wiper. The most significant of these is the high-end squeegee with advanced edge-sweeping technology. Although the price is higher, but instead the user is “offset” by using a longer life, less cost and effort when replaced many times.

Video comparison between Silicone wiper and rubber wiper

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Experience buying rain wiper to avoid ripping “fake”

Due to growing demand, the market for wiping rain is always vibrant. In Vietnam market today, there are many models, types of rain wiper, from home-made goods to imported goods. Most people usually choose imported goods from famous big brands. However, this is the item that appears to be the most fake. There have been many cases of buying fake goods and counterfeit goods.

Mr. Tran V. Trong (Driver – Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “I am a newcomer, so there are a lot of things I don’t know very well. In the past, when I was mistakenly bought a parody of rain, it took more than a week to start calling the drama very uncomfortable. At first I also suspected, because people sold all over 200 thousand, and this place only sold 90 thousand. When ordering I asked again and again, that party is genuine, due to the promotion should be discounted. Believe it, buy it, make a mistake “.

Beware of the rain wipers that are too cheapBeware of the rain wipers that are too cheap

In addition to counterfeit and fake goods, the market of Vietnam wiper also appeared many unknown products, sold at very cheap prices. Many people think that wiping the rain must change many times, so they often choose to buy cheap ones to save the cost of each replacement. However, the reality is not so, because if you buy the wrong quality, ripped off, not clean, users still have to spend money to buy a better one.

Mr. Tang V. Hung (Technician – Can Tho) confided: “It is not easy to raise a car with a wage worker like me. Therefore, save what you try to save it only. Changing rain too much is also very expensive, so I usually buy cheap and cheap. There were times when the wrong trick was bought, just over 100 thousand a pair, it was not clear what the manufacturer was, because there was no box. The first time, it was very delicious, it took less than 3 days to start the safe, after seeing the drizzle, it was so dim, I couldn’t see anything ”.

Avoid buying fraud of unknown originAvoid buying fraud of unknown origin

Talking about the situation of “cheap” rain wiper selling rampant, Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh – Director of a business specializing in distributing automobile accessories shared: “Chinese goods are getting more and more, very cheap price, but quality also very poor. Just do a little calculation, you will see. A rain wiper has a frame and blade, the frame is usually rubber frame, iron frame, universal blade is the young rubber blade, the high-end blade is silicone. The cost of materials, production costs, and how much the finished product sells are only tens to hundreds of thousands a pair. Try asking how to be good, how to be durable ”.

Mr. Tuan Anh also shared: “Many people often think that wiping the rain instead, should buy the cheap and cheap. But whatever your money. Cheap ashtray broken quickly, replaced many times. If you can afford it, you can use it for 3 months. While you can use it well, you can use it for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years for good maintenance, like silicone squeegee. It turns out, buying good deceit, costing one time, use it for a long time, is it more convenient? ”.

In addition, the situation of “getting rid of cheap rain”, there are now many reputable online car accessories sales channels, when buying products here, users will not enjoy the after-sales policy as committed right from head.

Mr. Nguyen M. Tien (Engineer – Da Nang) told about his case: “I bought a rain wiper for more than VND 300,000, but there was very little. Which fitted to use more than months was raging fiercely, running rains to clear not raining, feeling like the wind was pushed against the winds. I phone that party to request a warranty or return the product. The party said it would handle it as soon as possible. But waiting forever, no one called for anything. I called 2 more times, each time like that, I promised everything. Because I live far from Da Nang, but bought in Hanoi, I couldn’t go there to clarify. Very angry. “

Limit buying scams at less reputable addressesLimit buying scams at less reputable addresses

From the above cases, it can be seen that when buying wiper, you should avoid buying products that are too cheap because it is often a fake or an unknown product. Priority should be given to choosing reputable addresses, providing clear product information, with a warranty policy, guaranteed delivery. In addition, you should also pay attention to the size of the wiper, need to choose the right size for the wiper for each car model, model.

Unpredictable harm when buying and using wipers “witty”

The blade is not durable

The most important part of the wiper blade is the wiper blade. The blade assumes the task of wiper on the steering glass. A good quality wiper has a high heat resistance, even some types of exterior have a heat resistant “graphite” coating to resist aging. When you buy a low quality rain wiper, the blade life is not durable. Another reason contributing to the reduction of brush life is that Vietnam is located in a tropical climate. As a result, the blade padding on the brush squeezes very quickly, aging, shrinking or bending.

Wiper quality is low, the blade is not durableWiper quality is low, the blade is not durable

For “fake” goods, the oxidation of the blade takes place even faster, leading to the brush not cleaning the glass surface. In other words, rain wipers do not work effectively, not only causing scratching of the steering glass but also dangerous to drivers when participating in traffic, especially in heavy rain, dusty roads. Note when replacing the blade, many cases only replace the blade but then still have a whistling sound when working. Therefore, if financing allows, it is better to replace the lever. As recommended by the car company, you should periodically change from 6 months to 12 months tongue.

Incorrect dimensions

Wipers work best when they fit the design of the car manufacturer. When you buy the “wiped” wipers, the length of the wipers has a certain error compared to “genuine” wipers. This error will affect the visibility of the driver, also a cause of traffic accidents. The size of the wiper depends on the width and number of the wiper. In Vietnam, cars usually use rain wipers with size indexes of 16/400, 18/450, 20/510 (inches / mm).

Wipers won't guarantee the size that fits your vehicle's designWipers won’t guarantee the size that fits your vehicle’s design

The quality of making braces is not durable

Low quality rain wiper is easy to make annoying sound for driver. Because cheap materials make braces less durable, more quickly worn, leading to the phenomenon of shaking and emitting noise when operating.

Selective bracing unstableSelective bracing unstable

Non-standard aerodynamic design

Maybe you will buy a wiper very similar to a “spoiler type” wiper, but the effect is not as “real”. This type of wiper is designed with the top of the wiper extending throughout the wiper, which is designed with aerodynamic shape such as fish tail, wind wing. It is used to squeeze the wiper close to the glass to increase the efficiency when driving at high speed. For “wipers” rain wipers, when running at a speed of 70-80 km / h, we need to move “awkward” motion, not smooth due to improper aerodynamic design. Therefore, reducing the effectiveness of rain wiper when driving on highways.

Counterfeit washers with non-standard aerodynamic designCounterfeit washers with non-standard aerodynamic design

Wiper weight is not adequate

This is a parameter that greatly affects the wiper feature. This parameter varies depending on the model. When you buy a wiper, the wiper weight is either too heavy or too light. Heavy rainfall will increase the inertial force, resulting in more motor running. But too light, the wiper is not clean. All of these factors reduce the effectiveness of wiper blades and are unsafe for drivers.

Wiper weight is not adequateWiper weight is not adequate

Wiper is an important part to ensure safety for drivers in wet or dusty environments. It is essential that you use a clear, clear-origin rain wiper to ensure its proper function, contributing to ensuring traffic safety for yourself and the people around you.

Silicone wiper – New material, new vision

As a relatively new type of wiper in Vietnam market, to help you understand more about Silicone Wiper, the article would like to provide some information about this type of wiper. Silicone wiper is a wiper blade made from silicone material. Instead of the traditional wiper blades made from young rubber, Silicone Rain Washers are made of Silicone with many advantages.

The first is persistence. Many studies show that silicone material is 1.5 to 2 times more durable than rubber. Wiper is a part of the sun’s UV rays, as well as environmental factors such as dust and pollution. These impacts will make the wiper blade degraded quickly such as wear, bottle, hard … Therefore, requiring wiper to produce good materials, high durability.

Silicone rain has a high durabilitySilicone rain has a high durability

And Silicone is currently rated as the most optimal material for manufacturing wiper. Because Silicone overcomes the disadvantages of fast wear, fast hardening, degradation of young rubber. With normal rubber rain wiper, the lifespan can be from 6 months to 1 year, the Silicone Raincoat has a life expectancy of 1.5 to 2 times that number. As such, users can save the cost of replacing the switches periodically. This is considered an option that brings high economic efficiency.

The second advantage is effective wiping. In addition to being durable, specially formulated silicone wiper blades have a higher cleaning ability than rubber blades. Because Silicone has better elasticity, smoother, especially denser. So when operating, the air will be difficult to squeeze inside, higher contact area, helping cleaning to achieve maximum efficiency. Besides, Silicone Raincoat has a soft-shaped frame, wind wing, perfect aerodynamic application. This supports the frame to receive good force, spread the force evenly across the length of the frame, pushing the tongue to flexibly follow the curve of the steering glass. From there, it creates strong power to operate, helps smooth movement, sweeping edges, working stably in all weather conditions, whether it is heavy rain, strong winds or driving at high speed. high.

Possessing the above-mentioned advantages, helps Silicone Rainwater make the vision more perfect, more ideal, helping the driver to observe easily, see the danger from afar, timely handle any unexpected incidents. doubt.

Buy Where is the good quality Silicone raincoat?

Because it is still new, there are quite a few places in Vietnam where Silicone rain washers are sold. According to our survey, there are only a few reputable selling addresses, reasonable prices, clear warranty policy, the most outstanding of which is It specializes in the wholesale retail distribution of genuine Silicone Raincoat, providing full sizes for each vehicle. This address is more professional reviews, fast delivery, enthusiastic support support.

Hopefully after the above share, you can understand more about car wiper as well as get the best wiper choice for your car. Thanks for watching the article.

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