Buy thin and light notebooks this year, you can pay attention to these new trends

Buy thin and light notebooks this year, you can pay attention to these new trends

In the new year, there will be many changes and upgrades in notebook products, some of which are new trends in the entire industry. It is necessary to refer to when buying a notebook. The following summarizes several new trends in thin and light notebooks. You can see if the thin and light notebooks you choose have these new features.

2K+, more high refresh rate screens

The screen is a window for direct human-computer interaction, and the importance of the screen is self-evident. Similar to the mobile phone industry, the quality of thin and light screens is constantly improving, bringing some new trends.

Narrow bezel full screens are already very common in thin and light notebooks. Different screen ratios will be a new trend. There will be more thin and light notebooks with 16:10 and 3:2 ratio screens.

Compared with the traditional 16:9 ratio screen, the 16:10 and 3:2 ratio screens can increase the vertical screen space, and can display more content in application scenarios such as browsing web pages and viewing documents, which helps to improve work efficiency. The office scene is more friendly. Relative to the 3:2 ratio, the 16:10 screen ratio can better take into account scenarios such as office and entertainment.

2K+ resolution screens are gradually becoming more mainstream in thin and light notebooks, and many thin and light notebooks have adopted 2K+ screens. The 2021 Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 uses a 2.2K screen, and the recently released RedmiBook Pro 15 screen resolution is even as high as 3.2K.

The improvement of high-resolution screen display effect is very direct, that is, the screen looks clearer and the screen display is more delicate. The color gamut of the screen is also improved for the display quality. Many thin and light screens have reached 100% SRGB color gamut, which has a better color restoration effect. Especially for friends who often design and draw, a high-color gamut screen is particularly important.

Another new trend related to screens is high refresh rate. Although high refresh rate screens are more common in gaming notebooks, they are not many in thin and light notebooks. It is expected that more thin and light notebooks with high refresh rate screens will be launched this year.

The high refresh rate screen can bring a smoother picture display effect. Even if you are not playing games, you can experience the smoothness improvement brought by the high refresh rate screen in daily sliding and other scenes. Lenovo YOGA 14s 2021 is equipped with a 2.8K resolution screen and also supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz. The screen of the RedmiBook Pro 15 mentioned above also supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz.

In addition to the above new trends in the screen part, there are a very small number of thin and light notebooks that use OLED screens. At present, most light and thin laptops use LCD screens, and OLED screens are different from traditional LCDs due to the light-emitting principle. OLED screens can achieve wider viewing angles, display purer blacks, richer colors, etc., and the pictures are more vivid.

At present, there are very few thin and light notebooks using OLED screens. It is expected that the mainstream thin and light notebook screens will be traditional LCD screens in 2021. There are also thin and light notebooks with OLED screens on the market. For example, the new Asus Lingyao X Xiaoyao is equipped with OLED screens.

CPU&graphics card

Both AMD and Intel have introduced the latest generation of mobile processors. AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors and Intel’s 11th generation mobile processors are the next mainstream thin and light processors that will be carried.

It is worth noting that the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors are also different. The Ryzen 5000 series with the latest Zen3 architecture will have better performance, so you can pay attention to whether you are using the latest architecture when purchasing.

In addition, Intel also launched the H35 processor for the thin and light notebook market. The H35 processor also belongs to Intel’s 11th generation processors. The H35 processor has a TDP power consumption of 35W, which can be regarded as a standard mobile processor, which can provide better performance support. At present, other Intel 11th-generation Core mobile processors are temporarily low-voltage versions. It is expected that a 45W version of the Core mobile processor will be launched later, and the performance will be more powerful.

The current H35 processors include i5 11300H, i7 11370H and i7 11375H, all of which are designed with 4 cores and 8 threads, and can provide good performance support. RedmiBook Pro 15, YOGA14s 2021 Core standard version all use H35 processor.

If the performance requirements are relatively high, you can also choose to carry a thin and light version of the independent display version. At present, the thin and light notebooks equipped with MX450 alone can provide good performance. However, there will also be different versions of the MX450 independent display, and the performance varies greatly. If you pay more attention to the performance of the graphics card, you need to pay attention to the MX450 independent display version when purchasing.

Thunderbolt 4 interface

The latest Intel 11th generation processors integrate a Thunderbolt controller, and the Thunderbolt 4 interface should become more common in the future. The maximum rate of the Thunderbolt 4 interface is also maintained at 40Gbps, but it can support two external 4K displays or one 8K display. The overall performance is further improved, which can bring a better external device experience.

More efficient interaction

In addition to the new trends in the above hardware part, there may also be some new changes in the software of thin and light notebooks. Thin and light notebook manufacturers may pay more attention to data transmission and interaction between devices. Huawei introduced the multi-screen collaboration function very early, making the cross-device interaction between computers and mobile phones easier, realizing seamless multi-device collaboration and improving office efficiency.

Xiaomi’s recently launched RedmiBook Pro 15 also has similar functions. Through MIUI+, convenient assistance between mobile phones and computers can be realized, and files can be quickly transferred between the two devices, and text can be copied and pasted. RedmiBook Pro 15 also added Xiao Ai’s voice assistant to the notebook for the first time. Through Xiao Ai’s voice assistant, it can also assist in efficient office work and link with Mijia smart devices.

If you pay more attention to the cross-device interaction between mobile phones and computers, you can pay attention to whether the thin and light notebooks you buy support similar functions. However, some cross-device collaboration functions need to be used with a mobile phone of the corresponding brand, so you need to pay attention.

In addition to paying attention to the above new trends when buying a computer, there is actually a relatively simple way to buy a thin and light notebook with a better experience, and that is to choose a notebook that has passed the Intel EVO platform certification.

The Intel EVO platform has established strict certification standards. It will design and test the responsiveness, battery life, connectivity, audio and display of the thin and light notebooks according to the actual use. Passing the Intel EVO platform certification of thin and light notebooks can bring excellent performance. Experience.

Of course, this is not to say that only thin and light notebooks that have passed the Intel EVO platform certification can bring an excellent experience. Even though many thin and light notebooks have not passed the EVO platform certification, they also have excellent hardware configurations and can provide an excellent user experience.

To buy thin and light notebooks in the new year, you can pay attention to the several new trends in thin and light notebooks mentioned above. All of the above configurations can bring you a better experience. When purchasing, you can combine your budget and choose according to your own needs, so that you can buy a thin and light notebook that is more suitable for you.

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