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Buy an old Nissan Sunny carefully “buy the wrong taxi”


There have been many cases of buying an old Nissan Sunny choosing the wrong car that used to run a taxi while being introduced as a “brand new car”.

The market is chaotic with many risks for car buyers

Besides some cheap cars such as Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10, Toyota Vios … Nissan Sunny is also a common car chosen by transportation companies as a taxi to run the service. The reason is that this model has a not too high price, full basic utilities, fuel-saving operation and less breakdown.

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Nissan Sunny is often used to drive taxis

However, this has also created an extremely chaotic used car market and has a lot of potential risks for first-time car buyers. Because many stores or fraudulent car dealers have “modified” old taxis, fake family cars to sell at high prices. According to Mr. Nguyen T. Minh (car repair shop owner – Hanoi): “Now it’s easy to build a car, dear. Sometimes your workshop also has parties who hire us to do this service. The selling and buying price has a difference of several hundred million, so many people participate. If customers are not “connoisseur” when buying an old Nissan Sunny, it is difficult to detect, if you go a lot, it will take a few months to reveal me. By then, it will be done.

Mr. Chi’s Sunny car with paint peeling marks after a short time of use

Not only that, Mr. Nguyen T. Chi (who bought the wrong Nissan Sunny taxi – Da Nang) also “bitterly” shared: “You buy a car with 100% guaranteed family car, deliver” fresh “money just waiting for receipt. only car. Who has been afraid that he has only run for a few days, he has seen the white paint peeling off the blue paint of the taxi. Chi’s story is not the first time that happens to people who buy old Nissan Sunny cars. Therefore, car owners wishing to own a car of this series should pay special attention to the following issues.

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How to avoid “buying the wrong taxi” when choosing an old Nissan Sunny?

In addition to choosing reputable, genuine or familiar sources, the car owners themselves need to equip themselves with knowledge about old Nissan Sunny cars and ways to recognize refunded taxis. Many longtime carmakers and experts are shown below.

Carefully check the exterior paint and chassis of the vehicle

In fact, taxi companies often paint their cars blue, yellow or white, but with extra stripes to make them easy to spot. Therefore, if you want to “degree” for the family car, the car mechanic is forced to repaint the exterior of the car to match the color and compatibility with the inherent colors of the car manufacturer.

The paint stains will quickly peel off after a while driving

Therefore, when choosing a car, buyers need to pay special attention to the exterior paint of the car, especially in areas with signs of heavy use: door steps, door handles, underbody, door rims. car … If you see signs of repainting, the coating is not uniform, you need to question the seller.

Check out the details showing high frequency of use

With a continuously used taxi, the heavily used parts will deteriorate especially quickly. These details are: headlights, taillights, door handles, doors, seat cushions, the roof and the floor. If you find that these parts are older, more degraded, the activity emits strange noises compared to the speedometer shown on the meter, you need to be especially careful with these vehicles as these can be taxis. .

Positions like door handles often show obvious signs of deterioration with heavy use

Check engine and gearbox

Although the old Nissan Sunny is considered to have a quite durable engine system, if the taxi runs a lot, the engine can still deteriorate and seriously affect the experience of using and operating the car in the future. The simplest way to test an engine is to take a test drive. During the test drive, you can detect the engine stalling, difficult gears or strange noises when the car is running. This is both a basis for discovering an old taxi, and a factor for you to negotiate a better price with the car seller.

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A test drive is a simple way to evaluate the quality of a vehicle

Take your car to an authorized repair shop or service center for inspection

This solution is advised by many carmakers and experts to buy a used car for the first time, because this is the easiest and fastest method to accurately assess the quality of an old Nissan Sunny. The mechanics will help you assess the damage of the car, judge if the car is a “taxi surfing” or not, and advise you the most reasonable price to buy that car.

Although this may incur a commission fee and a vehicle inspection fee. But in return, you will avoid problems with the quality and origin of the car and reduce a small fee to repair the car in the future.

Whether buying an old Nissan Sunny or any other used car model that is often used as a taxi, buyers need to “tighten up” the most basic knowledge to avoid tax refunds above. In addition, you also need to pay attention to a few other factors such as the origin of the vehicle, check the vehicle’s papers, the reason the car owner sells the car … to ensure that Nissan Sunny cars are used as a taxi to be avoided and choose a good car to use.

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