Butterfly keyboard will be killed on the new Macbook line

Apple is planning to abandon the butterfly keyboard on its current Macbooks and will replace it with a new keyboard with the name of the switch as Scissor.

butterfly wing keyboard

According to Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst with Apple's unpublished products, America's Cupertino company will remove the butterfly keyboard on the Macbook and replace it with a new keyboard called Scissor ( roughly translated: cut-off switch).

Mr. Kuo shared: “The new keyboard will have a scissor-style design, using fiberglass to reinforce it to increase durability and improve user experience. New keys are also cheaper to manufacture than the Butterfly, but more expensive than the keys on regular laptops.

According to the source, the new keyboard will have a longer keyboard action than the previous butterfly keyboard. As expected, the 2019 Macbook Air will be the first model to use then will be the Macbook Pro version 2020.

butterfly wing keyboard

The butterfly keyboard was first introduced on the 12-inch Macbook in 2015 and then the 13-inch, 15-inch Macbook Pro in 2016 and the Macbook Air is 2018. However the inherent problem of this keyboard is all over the world. The machine is very easy to get into the dust and cause a jam. The cleaning capacity of this keyboard is also almost zero and cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. Due to the slim design, the keyboard is attached to the frame along with the top and battery, so the replacement cost will include all the above components and extremely expensive.

Earlier this year Apple deployed a recovery program and replaced it for users who had a key jam. However, the nature of the replaced keyboards is still butterfly wings keyboard, so the problem of dust will be inevitable. Changing the new keyboard type partly helps users to trust the Macbook product line.

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