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Buses plunged down the canal in India, at least 37 people were killed

The scene of a traffic accident in Jalpaiguri district, Dhupguri city, about 645 km north of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal (India), on January 20, 2021. Photo: ANI / TTXVN

The incident happened on February 16 near the village of Patna, in the province of Sidhi, 493 km east of the state capital Bhopal. The car has more than 50 passengers. At least 7 people were saved.

After falling into the canal, the car was completely submerged under water, local officials said. The victims were taken to autopsy to determine their identity. Meanwhile, search and rescue operations continue in hopes of finding survivors.

Madhya Pradesh Governor Shivraj Singh Chouhan described the accident as a terrible tragedy.

Fatal road accidents are quite common in India, caused by overcrowding, poor roads and careless driving.

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