Burn-out: to avoid it, you must rest for 10 hours a day
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Burn-out: to avoid it, you must rest for 10 hours a day

Burnout or burnout is characterized by demotivation from work, a need to isolate oneself, a lack of self-confidence, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, anxiety, a feeling of incompetence …

The right anti-burn-out technique

In their book, the two sisters explain that over 24 hours, the break, relaxation, well-being represents 42% of the day!

They cut it out as follows:

8 hourssleep to recover well and get up in shape.

30 minutes only devoted to meal and their preparation, in full awareness and not in front of the TV or the computer.

30 minutes of sport.

30 minutes of exchange with your spouse or loved one with whom you are confident.

30 minutes to have fun reading, dabbling in a bath, listening to music …

A very attractive program but which unfortunately seems difficult to implement on a daily basis. Pity…

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