Bulletproof Boy Scouts V,'Boy Idol I Want to See in a Drama' Ranked 1st...

Bulletproof Boy Scouts V,’Boy Idol I Want to See in a Drama’ Ranked 1st…

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BTS V / Photo = Star News
Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) V took the 1st place in’The Boys I Want to See in the Drama’.

V was held in Choi Ae-dol from the 13th to the 19th,’Who do you want to see in the drama?’ In the voting, out of a total of 93,059 votes, it won 5752 votes, ranking first.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts V,’Boy Idol I Want to See in a Drama’ Ranked 1st…

The sorrowful love call for’actor Kim Tae-hyung’ of domestic and foreign drama officials and fans became a big topic and seems to have influenced the voting (reference reporter Star News, May 6 BTS V, Soon Jeong-nam → Expectations for vampire’Actor Kim Tae-hyung'[★FOCUS]).

Although V is currently unable to act as an actor due to the BTS schedule, the drama industry is showing expectations for’Actor Kim Tae-hyung’ by offering a Hallyu top star appearance fee. Foreign drama production companies focused on the charm of V, who possessed people, and actively sent a love call by purchasing the copyright of the’Vampire’ content. A domestic drama production company also sent an active love call against V’s image of a handsome man, pure man.

V appeared on KBS 2TV drama’Hwarang’ in 2016 and held a successful actor debut as’Actor Taehyung Kim’.

The reason why V has great expectations in the domestic and overseas industries is because of the colorful charm that V has shown so far. V’s chameleon-like charm is expected to have a wide acting spectrum, and his soft bass voice is a great advantage and attractive point as a male actor.

Asia is also showing strong affection for’actor Kim Tae-hyung’.

V was ranked first for two weeks in a row in the ’20 Most Popular Actor’ ranking of’Bihan’, a popular Korean actor ranking site. It took second place, proving that he is the expected leader of the next generation of Korean Wave actors.

V was selected with Hyunbin, Park Seo-jun, and Cha Eun-woo in the “New Hallyu 4 Best Emperors” by Japanese fashion magazine ’25ans’, and was also selected as the top 3 handsome actors in K-drama by JJ, a fashion and lifestyle magazine. I am expecting as a whole.

With the passionate courtship of domestic and foreign drama officials and the full support and trust of fans around the world, there is an expectation of what kind of acting’actor Kim Tae-hyung’, who has a chameleon charm, will respond in the future.

Actress KIM TAEHYUNG in the drama’Hwarang’ / Photo = Gallery specializing in culture industry, Oboy Project

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