Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, ranked 1st in China's'Iman Star Index'

Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, ranked 1st in China’s’Iman Star Index’


‘Prince of the Continent’ BTS V ranked first among all Korean celebrities for three consecutive days in the’Korean Artist Fan Activity Index’ of’Aiman’, a Chinese big data analysis agency.

Aiman, who evaluates the commercial value of celebrities in China, boasts a unique position in the’Commercial Value Index’ so that he never missed the first place in the team last year.

In the’Super Topic’ list, which shows the measure of popularity of famous celebrities in China every week, it consistently ranks in the TOP100, and has never missed the number one in the team.

As a’Prince of the Continent’, in December of last year, it was ranked first among all Korean celebrities in the’Monthly Korean Artist Fan Activity Index’, and on the day of his birthday, it ranked first overall by tapping all the Chinese stars in’Super Topic’.

In the number of followers of Weibo’s fanpage, which is a real popularity indicator, it was the first member of BTS to exceed 1 million, and in ChinaBlueTV’s star birthday vote, she beat local Chinese stars and won the first BTS member. Occupied.

V, which is the most popular in China by reaching 1.2 billion won in K-pop’s birthday in support of V’s birthday last year, is showing the best popularity indicators not only in China, but also in Japan and Russia.

Dearzone, the largest K-pop community based on Vkontakte (VK), Russia’s largest social network, was selected as the’most popular member in Taiwan’ by Daily View, a big data analysis company in Greater China. Deer Zone), K-pop fan club rankings announced in 2019 and 2020.

V, which ranked 5th in the 2020 Japanese Tweeple’Celebrity Rankings’ overall settlement and recorded’Korean Artist 1st’, is the only overseas star ranked in the top 10 on the January 2021 chart, showing super-high-end popularity.

Reporter Kang Seok-bong ksb@kyunghyang.com

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