Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, Let's Cast on CDTV, Japan Online Bang…  Again'Thailand'
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Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, Let’s Cast on CDTV, Japan Online Bang… Again’Thailand’

Photo. BTS V

BTS’ V was thrilled with the hearts of the fans with the stage of the tracks featured in the Japanese broadcast program.

On the 15th, BTS appeared on Japanese CDTV ahead of the official release of the 4th Japanese album’MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~’. One of the tracks,’Your eyes tell’, was released, raising expectations for the new album.

On this day, V appeared in a black outfit with a loose fit on the hairstyle that revealed the forehead. In line with the trend these days, it has caught the eye with comfort and sculptural appearance in the style of’Quan-ku’ (not decorated as if it weren’t). The pinkish background, the sparkling cherry tree behind, and V’s singing with a microphone stand evoke the mystery of meeting a dream.

In the first’Your eyes tell’ released, V’s vocals, which are considered to have V’s soft and deep soulful voice and wide range, shine. V made her immersed in the song by smoothly digesting the mid and low to high pitches, passing freely and authentically.

Based on his high understanding of the song, V captured the eyes, ears, and hearts of the listeners at the same time by filling in the emotions and expressions that fit the lyrics.

Photo. Real-time trends such as Yahoo Japan, overseas media, and Google Japan

After the broadcast, V got a lot of attention from viewers in line with the nickname’Thailand’.

Japan’s Twiple celebrity ranking 2nd place, and V’s nickname’Taetae’ also climbed to 28th in Yahoo Japan’s real-time search query.

In addition, the real name Taehyung was also ranked 64th in real-time search terms and 24th in hot topic keywords. In addition, Google Japan’s real-time rapid search keyword ranked second, and the song’Your eyes tell’, the second related search word rose to realize the hot popularity of V in Japan.

By Kim Min-jung, reporter treemm23@imaeil.com

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