Bulletproof Boy Scouts' V, heart lips wide ~ youthful pure beauty.. "Vjagi-nim ♥"

Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ V, heart lips wide ~ youthful pure beauty.. “Vjagi-nim ♥”

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BTS V has captured the hearts of fans around the world by exuding a colorful charm like a chameleon with a beautiful visual.

On the 18th, BTS released pictures behind the tvN entertainment program’You Quiz on the Block’ through the official post of Big Hit Music Naver.

With the addition of personal photos of each member of BTS’s shooting under natural light and comments from post uploader’Bangrimi’, photos of V’s beauty shining like a sculpture even in natural light and photos full of colorful charms like chameleons gained hot popularity. .

V in the photo drew attention by showing the overwhelming handsomeness that shines without shaking even under natural light, which is said to expose the original appearance as it is based on the dandyness and elegance of a naturally fluttering hairstyle in a navy suit with a suitable fit.


V’s lovely appearance, radiating youthful innocence, smiling wide with his unique lovely heart lips as if he was excited while dancing, evoked a protective instinct and made the viewer smile.

The side face, which is sitting on a chair with a blanket on his knees and turning his head slightly, focusing on somewhere, boasts a slick beauty with no protruding place, and a fantastic line that does not lose boyhood with a short chin while containing masculine beauty with a moderately angled chin line. did.

V, who is holding her back with her long, dark eyes, high nose, and pretty lips, while getting makeup corrected with a cotton swab, slightly lowering her eyes, draping rich eyelashes, and holding her back, aroused the illusion of seeing a masterpiece.


Wearing white doggy-ear-shaped headphones, closing his eyes, biting his lower lip, and dancing playfully, he looks like a lovely naughty man, but his face shines in natural light to reveal his dark features. He showed admiration for his new handsomeness.

Fans greatly sympathized with the words of Bang Lim’s “The most ridiculous words V said. I don’t like his face.” “I’m searching for a way to be a cotton swab, a blanket,” and “Natural light like a spotlight. “I’m getting it”, “It’s great to fix it without fainting in front of that beautiful stylist.”

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