Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, Exciting Visual "Heartbeat Warning"

Bulletproof Boy Scouts V, Exciting Visual “Heartbeat Warning”

[마이데일리 = 곽명동 기자]If BTS (V) exists in everyday life, she is attracting attention with her natural life acting with a heartbeat visual that will explode excitement.

On the 6th, Coway unveiled the making film for the advertisement shooting of the icon water purifier of BTS, which is active as a model, through its YouTube channel.

V drew attention by appearing as a visual that would excite viewers at once, befitting the characteristics of a home appliance advertisement. If V exists in everyday life, he drew attention by showing off his acting with a sweet visual that would make the heart beat and explode with excitement. V, who seems to exist in reality, but reveals a superb beauty that never exists in reality, completed a look like a male protagonist in a movie by wearing a hairstyle and a shirt that reveals his forehead. When V appeared, the subtitle also expressed affection, saying that it was’the world’s first handsome appearance’, and it brought out the sympathy of the viewers.

When filming started in earnest, V performed a life acting curious about after seeing the iconic water purifier with a compact design. When V’s exciting visuals and sweet and soft voice harmonized, it captivated both eyes and ears at the same time. V showed a warm-hearted appearance that also evoked the smiles of the viewers while smiling and working brightly even with repeated shootings and carefully monitoring them.

After that, V was also admired by the drinking water scene, attracting a lot of attention on social media. When V drank water with attractive black hair, dark eyebrows, and sharp, luxury nostrils, he responded enthusiastically, saying, “If you have such a friend or coworker around me, your daily life will be paralyzed by excitement.”

In V’s ad making film, which will properly snipe women’s hearts, fans say “I’m making a water purifier ad into a movie”, “I think I have to slide on that luxury sassy”, “My nose is Everest”, “I think my heart will explode with a shirt “, “My heart seems to burst.. V was so cool that I fell in love again.”

Meanwhile, BTS will simultaneously release a new digital single’Butter’ all over the world at 1 pm on May 21st.

[사진 = 코웨이 캡처]

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