Bulletproof Boy Scouts Jimin's'Butter' second concept photo'Minimum 1 million likes'

Bulletproof Boy Scouts Jimin’s’Butter’ second concept photo’Minimum 1 million likes’


BTS’ official SNS.

In the second teaser photo of BTS’s new single’Butter’, BTS’s new single’Butter’ surpassed the shortest 1 million ♥ on Instagram with mysterious charms from sexy scion and coolness.

BTS released their second personal concept photo of the new single’BUTTER’, which will be released on the 21st through the official SNS at 00:00 on the 17th.

Jimin of the’Rainbow Hair’ style, which has garnered a lot of attention since the time the first concept photo was released, aroused great interest once again with the second photo with conflicting charms. Jimin’s Olvec Heinbow hairstyle matched a black long sleeve with a white sleeveless T-shirt with a frill decoration around the neck.

Jimin, who even wore a large and thick necklace on the frill, was perfectly digested with her own fashion, revealing the sexy masculine beauty with Jimin’s straight and long neckline and sharp chin line, and robbed her eyes with a fantastic sideline.

Jimin boasted a mature masculine and noble atmosphere at the same time, boasting the hottest popularity of surpassing 1 million’Like’ first in 32 minutes out of the 7 second teaser photos released on Instagram at the same time.

In particular, the black long sleeve is known as see-through, and hot reactions among fans such as’See-through and sleeveless are all dead’,’Againstly a pictorial craftsman’,’A dress that is not awkward with colorful decorations,”I’m so excited for a music video’, etc. Followed by.

More than 15 trends, including PARK JIMIN, #btsjimin, Jimins, and OMG PARK JIMIN, were trending in nearly 15 countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

The official account of the World Music Awards and’AKpraisemedia’ also showed deep interest. Attention is drawn to the appearance of BTS to be shown in the music video of the new single’BUTTER’ to be released on the 21st.

Reporter Yang Seung-nam ysn93@kyunghyang.com

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