Bulletproof Boy Scouts Jimin, ranked 1st in’Star who wants to go home together’…

[스포츠서울 조현정기자] Jimin of the group BTS was selected as the’Star who wants to be together on the way home’.

Jimin was on the idol chart from the 8th to the 14th,’Which star would you like to be with on your way home?’ In the survey, it ranked first with 69,858 votes (about 45% of votes) out of 156,657 total votes.

He has proved worldwide popularity by setting a new Korean personal record on the short video platform’TikTok’. Following 10 million’Like’, more than 5 hashtags have achieved more than 1 billion views, showing off the face of the social media king.

The second place was Lee Chan-won, who won 62,568 votes (about 40% of the votes). Heejae Kim (8618 votes), Sungwoon Ha (5927 votes), Hojung Kim (5407 votes), Promise Nine Nakyung Lee (1434 votes), Chungha (744 votes), Shiny Key (570 votes), Black Pink Index (542 votes) , Girl of the Month Chu (235 votes), Dreamcatcher Jiyu (234 votes), Espa Carina (189 votes), Golden Child Lee Dae-yeol (166 votes), and NCT Lucas (165 votes).

Meanwhile, the results of the survey can be checked in the idol chart’POLL’ menu.

Currently,’Who is a star who is talented in writing, composing, and producing?’ The questionnaire is under way.


Photo| Reporter Dohoon Kim dica@sportsseoul.com, provided by idol chart

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