Polish MiG-29 fighter jets.  Photo: Polish Air Force

Bulgarian MiG-29 jet disappeared from radar screens during exercise

TPO – A MiG-29 fighter of the Bulgarian Air Force disappeared from radar screens during a training flight over the Black Sea on June 9.

A Bulgarian Defense Ministry statement said: “While on a training mission over the waters of the Republic of Bulgaria, a Bulgarian Air Force MiG-29 aircraft lost radio contact and disappeared from radar screens at 00:45 am. , local time (21:45 GMT on June 8).

At this time, the MiG-29 was participating in the Shabla-21 exercise with the participation of Bulgarian and Serbian pilots. The exercise was immediately suspended.

A search and rescue operation was immediately launched and is still ongoing. The search and rescue operation involved units from the navy, border police and air force.

Defense Minister Georgi Panayotov and Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov were on their way to the site of the incident.

Shabla – 21 is an experimental live-fire tactical exercise and joint combat organized by the air defense forces of the Bulgarian Army, with international participation, conducted from May 25. until June 16, 2021 at Shabla shooting range. Up to 1,500 troops from the Bulgarian Army, Air Force, Navy and Joint Special Operations Command, as well as US and Serbian military experts, participated in the exercise.

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