"Buddha Super Run"-Test Drive Honda CBR1000-RR SP

“Buddha Super Run”-Test Drive Honda CBR1000-RR SP

Writing/Photography: Su Zhen

Acknowledgements: Wang Guang, Honda Motorcycle China

Actually chasing buzzwords and other things, I’m quite unwilling to see them, and I don’t want to follow this “Buddhism” in my heart.XX“Title. However, it seems that there are really no words that can more accurately express my opinion of HondaCBR1000-RRFeeling.

One predecessor said, “Honda rides once, ride Honda for life.” What I first understood was that the quality of Honda’s products is excellent, and other brands are fighting the scum in front of “non-bad Honda rides.” Although my first motorcycle was HondaZ50,but”Naughty Dax“I have no ability to make me a follower of” Honda Dafa;29period”CBR400-RRMy heart is envious, but I haven’t had the chance to have it, so I don’t have much impression of Honda.

However whateverF5ofCBR600-RRIt’s still a publicly upgraded “fire blade”, which is a god-like existence in the hearts of Honda enthusiasts. I have never been riding a Japanese sports car. I have always respected and wondered about them.

Finally I waited for this carCBR1000-RR SP, Only one87Horsepower “castration version” super run. It has been crazy despised by fans on the Internet and in the circle of friends, but when it was really in front of me, watching its thick aluminum alloy frame, An electronic suspension cable and theHRCStickers, you won’t think it’s a paper tiger anymore.

New generationCBR1000-RRIt is much fiercer than the previous generation’s parrot face. Although the body is composed of Honda’s classic red, blue and white three color combinations, plus the frame’s silver and shock-absorbing gold, these five colors are interlaced without a sense of disorder, which makes people pick Nothing is wrong, I believe most people can accept it. Looking at it, you will still yearn for it and be in awe.

It’s handsome enough to attract the uncle who travels by bus in the service area. Of course, there is also the aunt. Uncle lookedCBR1000-RRThere is no over-designed detail that says, “If I am young, I will buy this car with more energy!”-I believe if it is a carKTM 1290 Super Duke ROr YamahaR1Stop here, their looks will scare the grandpa away, but Honda has this affinity.

“You pull it down! Those riding the second ring are dead.” Although harsh, this is the Chinese old man’s consistent view of large-displacement motorcycles. The aunt said there must have been on the second ringCBRSeries, this is the initial feeling of domestic fans for large displacement motorcycles.

“How fast can this car run?”

“Go up two hundred!”

“How much does this car sell?”

27Ten thousand8. “

Hearing here, the aunt almost dragged the old man’s clothes and dragged him away. She should be afraid that the old man would have no idea to buy this car without a back seatSPEdition-it is really impossible to have a single thought, if it is, it is contrary to Mao Zedong Thought Deng Xiaoping Theory and the core values ​​of socialism.

I stepped on this supercar with the envy of my uncle, and lifted the light body,SPThe version of the titanium alloy fuel tank has contributed a lot to creating this lightness-but it is unfortunately it is surrounded by paint and plastic shells. If it is an Italian brand, it must be exposed to the outside.Its ergonomics also seem to be more suitable for Asians, especially the seat is spacious and comfortable, compared with Italian competitors, it is a beautifully decorated three-bedroom and two-living room!

On the highway to the track, I looked for a chance to test its capabilities, and wondered how disappointing this “castration” version was. The conclusion is that it’s not slow at all. Just when the speed of the first gear engine is over 10,000, you are already overspeeding at high speed.

Later on the track, the first block was pulled to the highest13000rpmIn the end, at speed150Kilometers. So it only has87Horsepower, I don’t believe it. Later confirmed by brand staff,6800rpmSpeed ​​limit only6It works when the time is up. There are too few extreme conditions, so don’t worry about the lack of hormones caused by the so-called “castration” of this car.

However, althoughCBR1000-RR SPThere are many in the name “R“, But the sense of fear it brought was almost zero. It was an over-the-road station wagon, riding a long distance at a stretch200Kilometer waist does not feel tired. Sliding clutch is silkier than Dove chocolate, quick shifting system ratioBMW S 1000 RRThe vibration is smaller, the acceleration is more linear than the latter, and the electronic throttle is more gentle.

Are all the same linear,S 1000 RRThe rapid acceleration can still be creepy (especially the bald tire mode), which may be limited to the torque introduced in the domestic version90Cow-meter related, European version114Niu Mi is more like this.

On the trackCBR1000-RR SPMore stable is like a maglev train with two wheels obediently clinging to the ground without any rebellion. From HondaMotoGPChariotRC213VofIMUFive-axis inertial measurement unit technology for automatic macro controlHSTCTraction control,EBSElectronic systems such as engine brakes … are smarter than competing products that also have these systems but cannot work together.

You do n’t have to think about the engine speed, you do n’t have to think about how many gears you have, you do n’t even have to think about the alignment, you have to go wrong, you can apply a brake to make your body stand in a corner … yes, this car is so smart, I even suspect it is The future intelligent electric two-wheeled vehicle paves the way for development.

Even after running the track, continue ridingCBR1000-RR SPGoing home, you still don’t feel particularly hard. You just need to switch to a mode with a gentler output and a higher level of stability, and it can safely take care of you home. While enjoying the humanity of it, I started to mutter again: the public upgraded sports car is, in my eyes, a civilian product with a dangerous level second only to firearms.

Its high charm is that it is fierce, it is difficult to control, it is not a unicorn that anyone can conquer, it is not a soft persimmon that anyone can pinch, so you will pay attention to the knights of the upgraded sports car. .

andCBR1000-RR SPMost of the time, it feels easy, comfortable and intelligent. It’s not even hot at all. These descriptions are supposed to be advantages. However, in the category of public sports cars, it seems to have become derogatory! It is like a quiet gun. People go to the shooting range to play the gun for the excitement of gunshots and the thrill of recoil. No one kills people quietly and quietly with it …

I suddenly remembered the words of my predecessor, “riding Honda once, riding Honda for life”,CBR500,CBR650FwithF6BIt will also be found that most other Honda cars are so lustrous, whether they are two-cylinder, four-cylinder, or horizontally opposed, Honda can always adjust their output characteristics to the same channel, only the difference in power. At any time, don’t worry, the owners who are used to riding Honda should no longer tolerate the bad qualities of other brands.

When a car is too good to ride, you will go crazy and not think about something else. Especially when it was dark, the task of the day was over, the whole person gradually relaxed and started to feel groggy, and the retina was exhausted by the lights of the car opposite.

At a crossroad without street lights, just as I was bending my heart, a tricycle without lights suddenly ran through the red light and blocked my way from the darkness. The body was still tilting, and the front of the car was not straight, I instinctively Immediately pinch the front brakes, but at the same time another voice in my mind: the road is too slippery! To fall! If I ride my car at this moment2010AugustaF4, Its entire spoiler, handlebars, and pedals have to be discarded, andCBR1000-RRStanding there like magic, there was no danger, people and cars were safe and sound …I am grateful that this car will protect it more than I do.200Kilometres of titanium alloy fuel tanks for the new car came out of a hole. At the same time, I was beaten in the face by the complaints I made.

I remembered the uncle and aunt on the tour bus, and imagined that at his age, would I be able to continue riding a motorcycle. Maybe HondaCBR1000-RRNot a hot publicly upgraded sports car, but if20If everyone could ride this sports car years ago, it wouldn’t be as dead as aunt said. Besides, wait for us to pass40If you want to ride a “big sports car” at the age of one, we can afford to eat it and dare to touch it. Perhaps this Buddha is the only supercar.

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