BTS,'Song of the Year' and'Best Pop-Song' 2 crowns

BTS,’Song of the Year’ and’Best Pop-Song’ 2 crowns

The 18th Korean Popular Music Awards
Bulletproof Boy Scouts, “Glorious Award” with’Dynamite’

Bulletproof Boy Scouts

[이데일리 스타in 박미애 기자] Group BTS received the honor of two crowns at the ’18th Korean Popular Music Awards’.

According to the list of winners of the 18th Korean Popular Music Awards announced by the Korea Popular Music Awards Selection Committee on the 28th of last month, BTS’ digital single’Dynamite’, which was simultaneously released around the world on August 21st, is a song of the year and Won the award in the’Best Pop-Song’ category.

In announcing the selection result, selection member Park Hyun-joon said, “The’Dynamite’ of BTS was a pop song that made our emotions brighter and more cheerful during the year 2020, when the emotions of fear and gloom, misery and crisis were dominated by the plague. Popular music) faithfully fulfilled the role and protected the assets of emotion.” “The days when pop songs are deeply smeared into my heart are said to be the happiest times in life. It is also ironic pleasure to meet the song’Dynamite’ during critical times.” Said.

Regarding’Dynamite’, the 2021 Best Pop-Song Award Winner, “The lyrics that’roll like a rolling stone’,’shine the city with punk and soul’, and’rock’n’roll’ and’disco’ also appear in the history of pop music. Show off the sense of dedicating the song to every moment of the song. In this way, a new chapter of’international’ pop rather than’domestic’ is completed. This is the greatness of pop.”

Through the video, BTS said, “’Dynamite’ is a song created with the desire that many people around the world enjoy it together. I was happy every moment because so many people enjoyed and loved me. I am glad that I have reached many people with sincerity in’Dynamite’. “I have been loved by so many people for’Dynamite’ throughout the year, and I am very grateful to receive a glorious award. As much as the prize was given, we will all try to show better music in the future.”

The 18th Korean Popular Music Awards are selected by critics, music broadcast directors (PD), reporters in charge of popular music, academics, etc., for albums released for 12 months from December 1, 2019 to November 30, 2020. He participated as a committee member and selected nominees and winners.

‘Dynamite’ is a song that contains the wishes of BTS to spread vitality and hope in a difficult time with Corona 19.After entering No. 1 on the US Billboard main single chart’Hot 100′, it continued the chart-in for the 26th week, ‘ It has established itself as a global hit song.

BTS was nominated for the’BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE’ category at the ‘2021 Grammy Awards’ with’Dynamite’.

The ‘2021 Grammy Awards’ will be held on the 14th.

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