BTS's V "Happiness, I want you to visit instead of chasing" Deep resonance.. Behind the scenes of'LOVE MYSELF Campaign'

BTS’s V “Happiness, I want you to visit instead of chasing” Deep resonance.. Behind the scenes of’LOVE MYSELF Campaign’

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In the video of BTS”LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, BTS gave a deep resonance by conveying their desire for happiness, comfort, and love from people around the world.

On the 26th, BTS released the behind-the-scenes video of’LOVE MYSELF Campaign Special Announcement’ on the official YouTube channel’BANGTANTV’.

On the 14th of last month, BTS and UNICEF expanded the social contribution agreement and promoted it to a global agreement, and released a special speech video after announcing that they will continue to sponsor’#ENDviolence’, the UNICEF campaign against violence against children by 2022.


V, who appeared with a calm hairstyle covering a dark brown forehead, caught the eye with an elegant aura with a neat charcoal color outfit.

V’s impeccable perfect beauty and solid physical shone in a static image. V’s expression with big eyes, clear pupils, eyebrows, and a slight smile on his stiff lips sparkled himself like a curious boy, raising concentration.

At the beginning of the behind-the-scenes video, V with a sweet voice like cotton candy, “I would like to express my gratitude for adding comfort, empathy, and love to many ARMY and many people through the Love Myself campaign for 5 years. I will continue to do so in the future. Through the campaign, I wished that many people would not pursue happiness, but would like to visit it.”

V’s lovely expression and friendly speech made the filming more harmonious and made the fans who watched smile.

V said, “Let’s look at Love Myself literally, starting with a message that tells you to love me, but ultimately it seems to end up with a message that tells you to love each other and to love all of us. Through Love Myself, I feel that I am getting a lot of love. I love myself more and I have come to love my surroundings more.”

The fans who watched the behind-the-scenes video said, “Taehyung, who wants everyone’s happiness, is a happy evangelist”, “I feel happy by itself even if I only see V’s smile”, “My love-loving Taehyung is also lovely with NG. Please give me more behind-the-scenes”, and “Everyone Taehyung who is loved by people. I wish I was happy every day,” and “Luxury appearance, luxury physical… voice is also luxury”, etc. responded.

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