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BTS’s Jungkook

On the 7th, BTS’ self-made real variety entertainment’Run BTS!’ Episode 107 held various corners with the theme of’BTS’.

On the day broadcast, based on e-sports,’Catch Mind’ and’Cartrider’ games were held as individual member exhibitions, adding interest.

Among them, member Jungkook enjoyed the joy of winning 4 times in 6 cartrider games.

Jungkook seemed to be focused very quickly from the early speed battle. In particular, it attracted attention by using the skill of the expert, Snaking freely.

In the item exhibition, even though the members conducted checks several times, they silently ran to the finish line and won three victories.

In this regard, member Jin said, “Honestly, Jungkook’s skills are different.”

His game skills like this attracted the attention of fans.

Meanwhile, BTS has been on the Billboard main album chart for 18 consecutive weeks. The title track of the 4th regular album in Japan also entered the billboard chart and proved its strong global popularity.

According to the latest chart (July 4) released by Billboard, the American music media on June 30 (local time), the regular 4th album’MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’released by BTS on February 21 is It ranked 49th on the Billboard 200 chart. This album has reached the top of the main album chart for 18 consecutive weeks after entering the top on the chart on March 7.

Also,’MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’is the 2nd place in the’World Album’ chart, the 5th place in the’Independent Pendant’ chart and the’Tastemaker Album’ chart, the 8th place in the’Top Album Sales’ chart, and the 8th in the’Top Current Album Sales’ chart. Rose.

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