BTS,'Dynamite' which made ITZY dance as well. [종합]

BTS,’Dynamite’ which made ITZY dance as well. [종합]

[OSEN=박소영 기자] Bulletproof Boy Scouts started sweeping the first place in music broadcasting with No. 1 in’Music Center’.

On the afternoon of the 29th, in MBC’s’Show Music Center’, which was broadcast live on the afternoon of the 29th, BTS took first place in the last week of August with their new song’Dynamite’. They won first place by defeating’Again Here Beach’ and’Not Shai’.

The song, which was simultaneously released to the world on the 21st, is a special gift to global fans who are going through a difficult time with Corona 19. It means that BTS’s desire to spread vitality was delivered intact.

Meanwhile, Hyorin decorated a special stage with ‘9 LIVES’. While dancing barefoot with female dancers and couples, they drew attention by performing a steady live performance. The live performance that I can’t take my eyes off of was impressive.

Cravity made a super-fast comeback. The new song’Flame’ is a song that contains the passion of Cravity, resembling a blazing flame that challenges the limits. After breaking the set rules, Cravity came into the world and finally broke their limits.

The stage of the hybrid group KARD has also been upgraded. The new song’Gunshot’ reinterpreted the message in the color of KARD that it can light up someone’s life depending on how they speak, and on the contrary, it can make someone’s life more and more sick.

One Earth, who was good at word of mouth as a skill group, also decorated the stage of the new song. The members who stood on the stage with’Tobe or Nat to Be’ captivated the viewers with 6 members and 6 colors of charisma. Various performances such as’blood transfusion dance,”face masking’,’flying squirrel dance’ and’heart sniper dance’ were excellent.

Only One Of held a record-breaking comeback ceremony. The title song’Song of Ice and Fire’ is a song in the Chill Dance genre, and it features a cool yet dreamy feeling. Groovy Room added power through the production and further developed music was completed.

In addition to these, ITZY, Kim Yeon-ja, Eric Nam, On & Off, Rocket Punch, Lucy, Dong Kids, Dreamcatcher, ATEEZ, Cherry Bullet, ENOi, MCND, and NTX will appear in’Music Core’ on this day.


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