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BTS’ V,’V Jewel’ in’Winter Package’



BTS V was sometimes cute, adorable, and sometimes sexy, with colorful charms that struck the hearts of fans around the world.

On the 2nd, the second video of’BTS WINTER PACKAGE’ was released on the official YouTube channel’BANGTANTV’ of BTS.

Before the release of the winter package on the 26th, BTS is releasing videos and pictorial photos taken in the sea and ski resorts of Gangwon-do in order, leading to the topic.

Throughout the video, V was excited not only with his cute and lovely appearance, but also with his mature and sexy charm.

V, who wore pure white from head to toe on a snowy field, made fans heart beat with a childlike innocent and happy expression. V, whose appearance is more pure than white snow piled with good clothes, makes viewers feel clearer.

The appearance of the lovely V on a zip-wire with his eyes closed with both hands together was one of nature and healing itself, and the smile on the lips of fans did not leave at the appearance of V that became even more cute when riding a scary instrument.

In the scene with a sheep ranch in the background, V is immersed in the best in the world. With just one glance, it catches the eye by emitting an aura that looks like watching a scene from a movie or drama. Guidori made of wool is an item that may seem excessive or uncomfortable, but V performs magic that makes the product worn with whatever it is.

At the end of the video, V wore a cozy ethnic style knit, creating a warm and sexy atmosphere. The hairstyle with the bangs slightly turned sideways made the sculptural features stand out more, and V’s smile, which seemed to melt the cold wave, gave off the actor’s aura and stopped the hearts of fans.

Fans who watched the video said, “It’s cute, lovely, sexy, and sweet. What’s V is?”, “Please let Taehyung ride the scary thing again. It’s so cute”, “What is Taehyung’s eyes, when do you shoot a movie?”, “If you just capture a video, you’re just a pictorial”, “Please give me more videos. “I’m dizzy” and showed a hot reaction.

Reporter Kang Seok-bong

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