BTS' V's own song'Blue and Gray', No. 1 in line music in Japan

BTS’ V’s own song’Blue and Gray’, No. 1 in line music in Japan

No. 1 in reverse driving, V proves hot popularity in Japan

[매일경제 스타투데이 성정은 기자]

BTS V’s self-composed song’Blue & Gray’ rose to No. 1 on the Line Music Daily Chart, the largest music site in Japan.

‘Blue & Gray’, which was included in BTS’ album’BE’ and got a lot of attention by participating in the lyrics, composition, and production of V, runs backwards after the recent’MTV Unplugged’ performance, Japan’s Line Music Song Daily Chart (February 28) It is getting hot love as it rises to No. 1.

‘Blue and Gray’, which received hot attention even before release by revealing that V contained the feelings of that time with lyrics and melody to overcome the burnout, was called’the most poetic and self-reflecting track in the album’ from TIME in the United States. Was praised.

‘Blue and Gray’ ranked 13th among the songs on the Billboard’Hot 100′ in the US during the first week of the release of the’BE (Deluxe Edition)’ album, while in the UK’s’official single chart’ 66th,’official single sales chart’ It ranked 9th and 9th on the’Official Independent Singles Chart’ and achieved the best performance among the B-SIDE tracks.

At the time of release, it ranked the highest among the songs on the’BE’ album on the global digital song sales charts in Europe, including the UK, Europe, Spain, Italy, and Hungary, and the’Top 100 Songs’ chart of’Rolling Stone’, a representative popular music magazine in the United States. In the title song’Life Goes On’ (11th place), it was ranked 12th.

In addition,’Blue & Gray’ was chart-in along with V’s another self-composed song’Sweet Night’ in the year-end ranking settlement chart of ‘2020 Single Top 100′. Melon, the nation’s largest music source, surpassed 30 million streaming for the first time among the B-side tracks of the’BE’ album, gaining popularity at home and abroad.

Photo|Big Hit Entertainment, Line

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