BTS V, the ultimate king of sexy and wild rebellious beauty, "Chic eyes"

BTS V, the ultimate king of sexy and wild rebellious beauty, “Chic eyes”

[마이데일리 = 곽명동 기자]BTS V made the fans flutter by showing off the ultimate king of sexy yet wild rebellious beauty.

At 00:00 on the 29th, BTS released the second concept photo of the ‘Butter single CD album through Big Hit Music’s official Twitter.

Following the first concept photo with a free-spirited look in the background of ‘Ajit’, the second photo created a vicious atmosphere with the concept of ‘Mugshot’. The second concept photo reminded me of the black and white mugshot scene that appeared in the music video.

In the photo, V is standing with his right hand in his pocket and a handcuffed left hand holding a paper with 000001 written on it, with a heart rate drawn on an orange background behind him. V gave a laugh by revealing that the meaning of this number was written with the will to become number one with Psy’s sensibility.

You can get a glimpse of V’s sexy look from the chic look between the hair and the indifferent expression looking down with the chin raised.

Naturally flowing long hair and V’s expression create a rough yet elegant contrasting atmosphere, rebellious and free-spirited, but understated.

Although V is in handcuffs, it is interesting because he has a relaxed expression as if he was deliberately arrested and can leave whenever he wants.

The unique poses, facial expressions, and handsome faces like a pictorial genius can interpret various characters, so V’s photos are arousing unlimited imaginations in fans.

[사진 = 빅히트]

(Reporter Kwak Myeong-dong

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