BTS V, the 3rd anniversary of its release,'Singularity', ranked 1st on iTunes in 49 countries... Forbes “Very Impressive”

BTS V, the 3rd anniversary of its release,’Singularity’, ranked 1st on iTunes in 49 countries… Forbes “Very Impressive”

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]BTS V’s solo song’Singularity’ marks the 3rd anniversary of its release, and is proving its hot popularity by ranking No. 1 on iTunes in 49 countries amid fans’ congratulations.

‘Singularity’ re-entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart on the 4th and took first place, followed by ranking #1 on iTunes in Turkey.

US economic journal Forbes highlights the record and emphasizes that it is very impressive and extremely rare that’Singularity’ ranked #1 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart even though it was not a recently released song. .

‘Singularity’ is the 6th song to be ranked No. 1 by re-entry to the World Digital Song Sales Chart, and only two members of BTS, V and Suga, ranked No. 1 in’World Digital Song Sales’ with a solo song. In addition, V became the only K-pop idol with two solo songs at the top.

Fans celebrated the 3rd anniversary of’Singularity’ by conducting an advertising event. Vietnam’s fan base’BTS V VIETNAM’ puts a congratulatory advertisement on Sunhill, the largest Ferris wheel in Asia, while TaehgersPH of the Philippines puts an extra-large LED advertisement and Instagram story advertisement in Magalanes Mall,’KTH_PHILIPPINES’ and WoogaSquadPH’ conducted Instagram and Facebook advertisements, respectively.

South American Bolivian fan’V BTS Bolivia’ started promoting singularity through an interactive advertisement linked to Spotify on Facebook and Instagram, and’KTH Paraguay’ in Paraguay promoted singularity music video on YouTube in South America and South America. Proceeded.

‘BTS V Spain’ of Spain produced a vinyl album of’Singularity’ and held an event to give it as a gift to fans.

In addition to advertisements, a donation relay to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of’Singularity’ was unfolded around the world.

Fans around the world uploaded their twitter hashtags’#3YearsWithSingularity’ and’#Tae Hyung-yi’s_Singularity_3rd Anniversary Celebration’ to convey their congratulations, and the hashtag reflects the passionate interest and is the #1 and #2 trend in the world in an instant. Took the place.

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