BTS V, sniping women’s hearts with gorgeous looks

BTS V boasted the majesty of the ‘advertisement blue chip’, showing that ‘fashion completion is V’ beyond ‘fashion completion is the face’

On the 4th, member V’s ‘2021 SUMMER COLLECTION’ pictorial was published on the official Instagram account of FILA, where BTS is working as a model.

V attracted attention by splendidly digesting simple style fashion with perfect physicality. It goes without saying that his splendid handsomeness shot the hearts of women.

Meanwhile, the music video for his group BTS’ digital single ‘Butter’ easily reached 300 million views.

The number of YouTube views of the ‘Butter’ music video exceeded 300 million around 11:41 pm on the 4th. After recording 100 million views in 21 hours of the music video release and 200 million views in 49 hours, it achieved 300 million views in about 14 days and 10 hours.

As a result, BTS has remixed ‘DNA’, ‘Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘FAKE LOVE’, ‘MIC Drop’ remix, ‘IDOL’, ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, ‘FIRE’, ‘Dope’, ‘Save ME’, ‘Not Today’, ‘Spring Day’, ‘Man’, ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film, the 16th 300 million views in total, following ‘Life Goes On’ Having a music video, he broke the record for the most number of Korean singers.

tvX reporter Lee Jeong-beom / Photo = Fila

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