BTS V, handsome visual + cute affinity + strong star characteristics "advertising genius"

BTS V, handsome visual + cute affinity + strong star characteristics “advertising genius”

[마이데일리 = 곽명동 기자]BTS V caught the eye with a short but intense presence in the behind-the-scenes video of McDonald’s advertisement.

McDonald’s, where BTS is working as a model, posted the video ‘Behind the Sauce: Making of Film’ on its official YouTube account on the 18th.

The video is a behind-the-scenes video of the advertisement for ‘The BTS Meal’, which briefly captures the shooting site of the members.

The video, which started with light music in the background, immediately caught the figure of V holding a McDonald’s drink cup and putting a straw in his mouth, and his unique yet powerful handsomeness enhanced the ad’s suction power.

With short, neat dark brown hair, and wearing a colorful shirt and a turquoise suit, V perfectly digested a dandy yet striking style, giving an overwhelming handsomeness with strong features and focusing attention.

After saying hello, V played with the members, smiling brightly like the sun, and evoking a happy mother’s smile from the fans.

In addition, V gave warmth by raising his arms and playing a cute slate with his palms or leading a comfortable atmosphere by smiling brightly and talking to the shooting staff.

When filming began, V made fans excited by showing off his professional ‘advertisement genius’ who perfectly digests the captivating cut with a relaxed and sweet smile with his deep eyes full of unique narratives.

While filming the last part of the commercial with the members, V showed an amazing star quality that he was standing in the back row and eating a nugget, so calmly and skillfully that he didn’t know whether it was acting or not.

At the end of the filming, even in the group advertisement shoot, V laughed out loud and showed his handsomeness, affinity and unique charm that shined until the end, making it impossible to take our eyes off him.

Fans who saw the video commented, “What’s V’s charisma? It’s impressive for a short appearance”, “I’m confused by the gap between laughing like a naughty person and changing the atmosphere like espresso when I shoot”, “The way he smiles and treats the staff without hesitation is so It’s lovely.”

[사진 = 맥도날드 광고 캡처]

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