BTS' V direct cam video K-pop's first 1 million'Like'..'The King of YouTube & SNS'
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BTS’ V direct cam video K-pop’s first 1 million’Like’..’The King of YouTube & SNS’

[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] BTS’ V direct cam video K-pop’s first 1 million’Like’..’The King of YouTube & SNS’

Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) V’s’Boy With LUV’ direct cam video set a record of 1 million’Like’ for the first time in K-pop direct cam history.

V’s’Poetry for the Little Things’ fancam, which surpassed 1 million’Like’ on the 11th, is the most talked-about video with 126 million views, ranking first in K-pop direct cams.

V’s direct cam, called the’idol textbook’, is criticized for being excellent for V’s facial expressions and stage performances, and is regarded as a’legend direct cam’ that’gets up’ many fans. Thanks to its hot popularity, it set the first million records, including the highest number of views ever, as well as’Like’, which can only be given once per account.

‘Like’ is one of the simplest and most clear popular indicators that can help you understand the reactions of users who consume content on various social media and video platforms. V is proving the ripple power of’SNS King’ with the best’Like’ record on YouTube as well as various SNS.

According to the overseas media Pink Villa, V on the’TOP List’, which received the most’likes’ on Twitter, is ranked 6th with a selfie photo and is recording the highest ranking among Korean artists. Thanks to the visuals that look like perfect works of art in the two photos uploaded last August, V even got a new nickname,’National Treasure Visual’.

BTS’ V direct cam video K-pop’s first 1 million’Like’..’The King of YouTube & SNS’

In addition, 3 personal posts and 4 posts in celebration of Jungkook’s birthday were posted on the TOP 20 list, boasting the highest number of posts (as of 11th).

On Instagram, the teaser picture of the single’Dynamite’ surpassed 4.5 million’Like’ in 24 hours, and recorded 5 million’Like’ for the first time in Korean male entertainers. V’s teaser picture, who looks like a prince in a fairy tale, is currently forecasting a record of 6 million with 5.7 million’Like’.

V is raising the best stock price by mass-producing records on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and iTunes with the strong fire power of fans and the hot interest of the public.

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