BTS V, ‘Butter’ second concept photo 8 million ‘Likes’…  Also social

BTS V, ‘Butter’ second concept photo 8 million ‘Likes’… Also social

[마이데일리 = 곽명동 기자]BTS V became the first male celebrity to break through 8 million ‘likes’ on Instagram, showing off his ‘social king’ side.

Among the concept teaser photos for the digital single ‘Butter’ released by BTS on May 17, the second photo of V received a lot of attention and is breaking various records and setting new records.

On the 2nd, V’s second butter concept teaser photo became the first Korean male celebrity to break through 8 million likes. V also won the 1st and 2nd places on BTS’ official Instagram ‘Like’ by recording two 7 million ‘Likes’.

In the teaser photo, V perfectly digested the two-much styling with a mix and match of colorful accessories such as sleeveless jackets, mesh inners and boater hats, like a pictorial genius. V was praised for providing a refreshing and dreamy atmosphere at the same time by creating a strange atmosphere with clear features, a smooth face line, eyes that express delicate emotions, and a soft and small chin.

The power of the second teaser photo was great. Compared to ‘TAEHYUNG’, which is used the most on SNS but is not trending on Twitter, ‘KIM TAEHYUNG’, which has about 20% of mentions, ranked 10th worldwide and decorated real-time trends in countries such as the United States. In the Japanese Twiple Celebrity Ranking, V’s name, along with hot keywords, ranked first, and the difficult-to-reach Yahoo Japan real-time search word ranked 28th.

The bow hat written by V was sold out in all stores and online sales sites around the world, and it surprised hat designer Ruslan Bazinski, and InStyle, a famous American fashion magazine, said that V’s butter fashion became an icon.

V holds all records for the first, best, and shortest period of BTS’ official SNS. V recorded 1 million ‘likes’ on BTS’ Twitter and Facebook at the same time, and is proving that he is a social king with a strong influence writing the first, highest, and most ‘likes’ on Instagram.

[사진 = 빅히트]

(Reporter Kwak Myeong-dong

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