BTS Jungkook unveils'Army's Room'.

BTS Jungkook unveils’Army’s Room’.

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BTS JUNGKOOK / Photo = Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s Jungkook decorated’Army’s Room’ for fans with speakers and a fish tank.

On the 13th, Jungkook uploaded an image of the content’Curated for ARMY’ of’BE (Essential Edition)’, which is scheduled to be released on the official website of Big Hit Entertainment.

Jungkook, who was the third runner after Suga and RM, placed speakers and a fish tank in the room to bring life to’Army’s Room’.


When the individual concept photo of’BE (Deluxe Edition)’ released in November of last year was released, Jungkook revealed his room full of various speakers. “I thought it was indispensable,” he said. “Would you like to feel your feelings while listening to a song with this speaker?” he conveyed the meaning of the speaker.

Jungkook also said, “If you spend all day in the room, you do the same thing every day, and sometimes you feel bored. So, I put a fish tank in the room. I can spend a little more fun while decorating a fish tank. I hope there will be.”

‘Army’s Room’, which was released through the’Curated for ARMY’ content, is also released in the form of an audio guide through the official website of Big Hit Entertainment. BTS is directly decorating rooms for ARMY around the world, explaining props, and communicating with fans.

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