BTS Jungkook, Table Tennis Youngjae Jeon Jungkook

BTS Jungkook, Table Tennis Youngjae Jeon Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook caught the eye by showing his unbelievable level of table tennis skills as a table tennis beginner in’Run Bangtan’.

On the 15th at JTBC2, BTS’ own entertainment show,’Run Bangtan’, invited gold medalist Yoo Seung-min and National University graduate Park Jong-beom as coaches under the theme of’Bulletproof Table Tennis Class’ as coaches, and a time to unfold while learning table tennis.

Among them, member Jungkook surprised the coach and members by showing excellent table tennis skills with a sponge-like learning ability.

Previously, in a lesson with the coach, Jungkook showed a burning passion for table tennis by listening seriously and asking questions.

Even in a short training session, Jungkook corrected his feelings for table tennis and showed unexpected table tennis skills in rally practice where he exchanged balls with his coach.

Jungkook also showed affection for table tennis by continuing to practice and correct posture even when other members are taking lessons.

Since then, Jungkook has shown excellent table tennis skills without regret in an endless rally that takes the ball quickly while reminiscent of his high concentration and learning in actual practice with his coach.

The coach and team members were amazed at Jungkook’s great table tennis skills and extraordinary talent.

Although Jungkook has never learned table tennis, he showed his best ability in the confrontation with V, an experienced opponent of the opposing team, and the fans’ expectations were gathered in the last week’s win-win.

Jungkook made a big success with a unique body gag and a sense of mouth. He also attracted attention with the blue-haired handsome visual.

tvX reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = Run Bangtan

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