BTS Jungkook, a real man shooting a woman

BTS Jungkook, a real man shooting a woman

Jungkook of BTS (BTS) snatched the gaze with a real man force in an advertisement for’Fila’.

Recently, FILA Korea’s official YouTube channel posted a video titled “RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON”. The video is an advertisement for Jungkook’s version of’Neuron’ created under the theme of’Awakening Running Instinct’.

Among them, member Jungkook wore a hairband and a training suit set in harmony with black and white. In this video, he boasted an excellent proportion with the physical body strengthened by exercise.

In addition, the ability to handle eyes without shaking, detailed facial expressions, and sensuous poses gave off an aura comparable to that of a professional model.

The eyes of female fans were focused on his visuals and the real male force like this.

Meanwhile, his group BTS was nominated for awards in a total of four categories at the ‘2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)’.

The organizers of the’Billboard Music Awards’ announced the nominations for the awards ceremony held on the 23rd of next month through official SNS on the 29th (hereinafter referred to as local time). BTS is’TOP DUO/GROUP’,’TOP SONG SALES ARTIST’,’TOP SOCIAL ARTIST’,’TOP SELLING SONG’. It was nominated in four categories, including. At this awards ceremony, BTS, which has been nominated for the most two categories so far, has set a new record for the most award nominations of its own.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = FILA Korea’s Official Youtube Channel

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