BTS Jin, God-given beauty

BTS Jin captivated fans around the world with his statue-like appearance, the vocal skills of the Grammy-recognized Silver Voice, and perfect performance.

BTS appeared on ‘MUSIC BLOOD’ of ‘CHUKYO TV’ in Japan on the 18th and performed ‘Film Out’ and ‘Butter’ stages.

On this day, Jin appeared wearing a loose-fitting short-sleeved T-shirt emphasizing a long elegant neckline like a black swan and comfortable navy pants.

The natural hair style, the broad shoulders that stood out, the slender face that looked smaller in contrast to it, and the full features created an innocent yet elegant image.

From the beginning of her debut, Jin has been recognized as a perfect visual by experts.

He was selected as the world’s most sculptural face by a Czech doll maker, as the world’s most perfect face by scientific analysts by a team of Dutch visual artists, and as the most beautiful face proportionately matched to an ancient Greek statue by a research institute in Ireland. He holds various ‘male gods of beauty’ titles, such as a male god, a man with a golden ratio face chosen by plastic surgeons.

On this day too, Jin shone brilliantly on the stage of ‘Film Out’.

Jin with an elegant and beautiful appearance. What warmed the hearts of fans as much as his appearance was his extraordinary vocal skills and splendid performance.

He showed off his sweet tone on the stage of ‘Film Out’. Jin’s excellent vocal ability, which freely moves between true and false, captured the hearts of women.

On the stage of ‘Butter’ that followed, Jin showed off his 180-degree charm and once again captured the hearts of fans.

The sad expression on the previous stage disappeared and Jin appeared, full of leisure and confidence. Jin appeared in a lemon-colored shirt, a black suit, and a hanger chief of the same color as the shirt, and decorated the opening of ‘Butter’ with a gesture as if he were shooting a gun at the camera.

Jin’s confident and sexy expression, relaxed and graceful hand gestures, and accurate sense of beat made the stage even more splendid.

It was the perfect stage for a superstar to sing the superstar glow from the lyrics of ‘Butte’r.

tvX reporter Lee Jeong-beom / Photo = Japan CHUKYO TV

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