BTS Jimin's fandom precedes free food distribution centers in the Philippines

BTS Jimin’s fandom precedes free food distribution centers in the Philippines

Reminding the spirit of’BE A GOOD HUMAN’ and practicing sharing

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]The Philippine fandom of BTS Jimin opened a free food distribution center for locals in difficult situations due to the blockade caused by Corona 19.

Jimin’s Filipino fan base’PJM ANGELS PH’ announced the progress of the project’BTS JIMIN Community Pantry’ with’BE A GOOD HUMAN’ as the slogan through Twitter on the 7th.

The’BTS Jimin Community Pantry’ project is a good deed to open a free food distribution center to provide valuable meals to Filipinos who are in a difficult situation due to the Corona 19 pandemic.

In particular, the philosophical message of Jimin, who frequently used the fashion phrase’BE A GOOD HUMAN’ (become a good person), added a meaning of good deeds under the name’Park Ji-min Angel Project’.

Jimin’s fandom is active not only at home but also abroad. Planting 8700 mangrove trees in Indonesia, a campaign to save the forest, support for education expenses for underprivileged students in rural areas, donations for children in conflict areas such as Myanmar and Yemen, lunchboxes from medical staff working for Corona19 patients, and relief for victims of typhoon Ulysses and the elderly It has consistently carried out good deeds from around the world, such as delivering goods.

BTS Jimin is also a model for good deeds such as participating in several donation activities and socially valuable work, and fans also take the lead in creating a donation culture by inheriting the good influence of Jimin, showing a good example.

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