BTS Jimin'Lai'...  New version in 4 years, popularity boom

BTS Jimin’Lai’… New version in 4 years, popularity boom


BTS Jimin’s first solo song’Lie’ was released as a new version in 4 years, which is a popular boom.

On the 10th,’Docskim’, the original songwriter of’Lye’, gave the final version of’LIE’ (docskim definitive) Daxkim to the social media, “I dedicate myself to the most devoted mother in the world. It was released simultaneously on’SoundCloud’ and’YouTube’ along with the article titled “My dear son”.

The new version with a length of 3 minutes 50 seconds, which has been increased by 15 seconds from the original 3 minutes 35 seconds, is magnificent, but it is evaluated that even the breathing sounds beautifully as Jimin’s unique and attractive vocals are more emphasized in the more refined and delicate instrument melody.

Daxkim unveils the final version of Lie, saying, “Lie is the first song to make a producer’s dream come true. Thanks to Jimin, BTS, Big Hit, and Pdogg,” he expressed his extraordinary affection for’Rye’, and Dax Kim is participating in a number of BTS albums.

He said, “I felt that I could complete a much better work, so this is the reason I released the final version,” he said. “I re-recorded everything except vocals, remixed and remastered it.”

When the new version was released, fans said,’I can hear Jimin’s voice better and it’s so beautiful’,’I can hear a good song for 15 seconds more’,’A masterpiece is a masterpiece even after 4 years’ He did not spare praise such as’grandeur’.

When the news of the final release of Rye was delivered, the Singapore-based Asian music promotion site’Bandwagon’ also shared a post saying, “Let’s listen to Jimin’s’Rye’ shared by Dax Kim.” He delivered the news quickly.

Fans’ explosive reactions were shared on the official account of’Sound Cloud’, along with Jimin’s photos, “Reaction when this version was released”, “The overall feeling of this version.”, “Finally!!” He showed his fan spirit again.

In addition, the re-release of’Rai’, such as being broadcast on the Portuguese radio’RadioRadical’, proved the power of excitement around the world.

Meanwhile, the short film video of’Rye’ on the 5th exceeded 16 million views on YouTube, and recorded the most number of views among 7 short films by member of the album’Wings’ of BTS, and on the 12th 1 It is recorded as the largest masterpiece of the Wings Album, which has the most streaming among all the solo songs of the Wings album, exceeding 2.64 million streaming.

Reporter Kang Seok-bong

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