BTS Jimin, professionalism, shows off his fairy tale storytelling skills, his 'golden hand' painting skills are still there

BTS Jimin, professionalism, shows off his fairy tale storytelling skills, his ‘golden hand’ painting skills are still there

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BTS Jimin picked out his storytelling skills like a professional voice actor.

In episode 143 of BTS’ own entertainment show ‘Run BTS’, ‘Dalbang Books’ was drawn to return to the child’s heart and make a fairy tale.

In this broadcast, which opened with Jimin’s ‘Run BTS’ slogan, first, it was a fairy tale quiz time to learn about various fairy tales, and Jimin led the heated atmosphere by showing accurate fairy tale common sense and acting.

‘Golden hand’ Jimin, who was praised by the members while sharing the team and recognized as a ‘painting genius’ and admired even from the beginning with a wonderful tree painting, aims to have a happy ending and is titled ‘Earth Hero Cloud’ to match children’s eye level. I started making fairy tales.

‘Earth Hero Cloud’ was completed by Jimin and leader RM, and people who did not like the earth inhabited by clouds and the ever-changing weather hoped for the clouds to disappear at last.

The cloud hid behind the sun, thinking that people would be happy if it were gone. However, the clouds disappeared and happiness was short-lived, and when people were in a difficult situation such as being unable to sleep or drinking water during the continuous white night, a girl reflected on the past and apologized to the cloud and begged her to come back earnestly.

Cloud, who liked children, returned to the girl’s wish, and ‘Earth Hero Cloud’ ended with a happy ending where everyone was happy.

Jimin, who took care of member Suga, who could not participate in group activities due to shoulder surgery last year, called member Suga, who was not with him at the time of filming, and asked him to read the completed fairy tale, and showed a warm image of encouraging Suga to participate. did.

Through this broadcast, Jimin showed off his drawing skills, which he had been called ‘Golden Hand Jimin’ within the members and fandom, to the fullest, and demonstrated his creative storytelling and storytelling skills that were as exciting and realistic as the real voice actors.

Soon-shin Kim, staff reporter for Tenasia

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